Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dr. Admire & I have come to the end of the road......

I have always imagined boobs, Botox and bamboo to be in my life for awhile, however today was the last time that Dr. Admire and I need to meet unless there is a concern down the road.

I never thought this day would come. We have had a rough journey together to be honest. Double Mastectomy, Blown Boob (AKA Hematoma), Reconstruction (Unhappy camper) and another reconstruction (Happy Camper). I have yelled a bit, cried a lot, asked him why he was #1 in AMERICA, however my boobs look like this! Told him to not leave the operating table until he knew I would be satisfied, I questioned his every move, We laughed, I told him Thank You from the bottom of my heart and today we looked at each other and said "well this is it, looks great, you are free to get your "tattoo's" and let me know if you have any concerns!"

Wow! So...being that he mentioned tattoo's his "tattoo guy" was in the office working on a patient so he asked the man and the patient if I could come in and watch and ask questions. They both agreed. LOL. Its amazing how your modesty flies out the window after Breast Cancer. Well I am still modest, just not as freaked out anymore. LOL

So I went in and talked with the nurse/Tattoo man and asked a bunch of questions. The woman in the chair was a breast cancer patient (obviously). Her doctor found the lump which was only 1cm however had spread to her lymph nodes. She opted for a double mastectomy because of many reasons. She had her final surgery in May, had nipple reconstruction and now is getting the final touches. We talked and had some things in common. Her husband and I talked most of the time while she was being worked on. Awkward? A bit, but I put those weird thoughts out of my head.

I was in there for about 45 minutes and she was definitely feeling some pain even though we don't have much feeling. The nerves were pinching away from the site, but caused from the tattoos. So, some topical ointment went on and she felt much better.

He even gave me some ointment to put on an hour before my appointment so I wouldn't feel a thing.

After he finished one side, I had to go, and told him I would see him soon. Wow! I always said I wouldn't get anymore tattoo's but...HEY! Here we are!

I will be getting mine probably in December. They are not covered under Insurance which doesn't matter because I dont have any LOL and they are $300.00 (Lifetime warranty though) I know, you are laughing....but if you have a tattoo, does your artist offer that??? :)~

Anyway, the budget isn't allowing this to happen just yet, so we need to save and once we do, I go in and Im done!!! I can't wait for that to be over and to move on!

This Sunday, I decided to walk with Team Admire in the Susan G Komen walk. I have several reasons why I chose his team over many others but after today, I think its a great ending to a new beginning!

Regardless of my ill feelings over the past year, He gave me something that cancer took away. I have to be thankful!

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