Saturday, October 1, 2011

A quick Getaway......

I am so stoked for a few reasons. Being that the kids are on Fall Break and its still 104 degrees outside, the amount of things we can do here are limited. Bella did win a pass to Golfland at school for awesome behavior and attitude and she would like to claim that before she goes back to school so that might be happening next week before she returns so she can get her reward that she deserves.

Other than that there are no plans for us during this break. Normally we like to take some type of overnighter to get away but with the finances the way they are it doesn't seem doable.

However after carrying a heavy burden these past few days, I finally texted Cory and said "is there anyway we can get away to clear our minds". Lots of things are happening around the Bagby home and in our personal lives and its coming to a point when you can feel your body just moving through the day because there is no other way you can go.

I said "we have food, and gas so lets just drive up and camp it out" Whatever it takes, I wanted quality time away from drama, selfishness, guilt, reality, electronics, media, cupcakes LOL, and homework. I just needed to recharge and refocus my brain.

Cory found a free campground on Mt Lemon and so we thought we would just get away to the elevated climate and cool off a bit. However we were fortunate enough to have a call from our friends with a cabin and offered us the time away there. All we need is food, a few fishing poles and a good book. Oh, how Im craving coffee on the brisk morning with the sounds of nothing but nature.

Our original plan was to go to Chemo on Monday and leave from there and I would deal with the faitque up there and just push my way through it for my family, however I decided to call my oncologist and leave her a message telling her my situation, and being honest and said "I need a break from my weekly treatments, I need to refocus and get recharged" and I feel I begged my way through (even though Im sure I didn't). I got a call back a few minutes later and they gave me the Pass from chemo for the week and was told to "enjoy my time off". I cried! I was so thankful! Thank you Dr. Obenchain!

I just have to say Praise God, Praise God, Praise God! For you teachers out there, that have school year round, I want you to imagine the way you feel the last week of school. You are just getting through that week and your body, your mind can taste your two week vacation. Thats how I feel, however I have 7 months left of chemo and I JUST NEED A BREAK! These past few weeks, we are facing issues in our home after a chemo day, mulitple doctors visits, pouring out finances and I just want to focus on my husband and my two kids for a couple of days and not think about cancer, the infusions, the medical costs or anything else that causes stress. 

Im so grateful to escape because I know reality will be here when we return. But for now...Im counting the hours down to a place that will clear my mind and rejoice in what God is doing even in the midst of a storm.

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  1. So glad to hear about your getaway! Enjoy!

    Cheers and prayers,