Saturday, January 7, 2012

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord...

My blog title has been what God has been saying to me since the day I started getting inpatient with the call backs from the hospital.

I remember praying as hard as I possibly could...repeating myself just to make sure God heard me :) and begging him for a sign, a door to be open, closed, a hint...something! We didn't hear anything for what felt like forever. We prayed and prayed and everyone prayed and prayed and all I would hear is those words. "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord"

During our waiting time, I would use that example with my students over and over again. It was really cool to see their reaction to the great they have been praying with us for many months.

As most of you know Cory will be starting his new job on Tuesday at the Anthem Hospital. LOL...I write this and cry because it feels surreal.

This is big for us in so many ways. First...Health Insurance. That is our main priority and that is taken care of in a few months. A HUGE BLESSING! Second...the time away from home has been extremely minimized. Cory would drive 120 miles a day which I know many of you do, and it takes a toll on your body and spirit. Its tough. He has been trying for 5 years to get closer to home but there was never a good time. We know why now. :) The list goes on and on...ranging from 401K to Tuition reimbursement. These are all big deals as Cory never had that option at his previous job.

His last day was today. Saturdays are usually early days but this day went on forever..ending at 4:45..and now we wait for him to get home to close that chapter and celebrate the new one.

I know in some ways he might miss his old job. I think God had us there for a reason during my diagnosis and treatment. I mean...they were the ones to give me the news. They will always hold a place in our lives and we met amazing people there. One of Cory's co-workers introduced me to KiKi who helped me tremendously through my journey as we are both breast cancer patients. Great things did come from there but we are ready to close that door and happily walk through this one.

Starting Tuesday Cory will have orientation at our community center which is across the street from the kids school. LOL...Can you say Truman Show?

Things will be different. Some GREAT..and somethings we will need to get adjusted to. Cory might be working on my chemo days and so that is a change for us, but we will get through it. I have friends and family that are always willing to take me to chemo. He will have to work 3 very long days, but he will have 4 very long days off. :) There is no bad in this situation. None that I can see anyway.

Im on top of the world. We both are. We walk around the house and I hear him say "wow" and I ask "what?, is everything ok" and his response is "ya, Im just thinking about how awesome its going to be when I start my new job" LOL my mind, our new life starts tonight when he walks through that door and wont have to drive to 64th ave & Thomas Rd ever again for work. That is a huge relief for us!

We give God the full Glory for this blessing! We are forever grateful and thankful that He blessed us with this!

Thanks God! :)

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  1. God truly has blessed you and your family. What an exciting new journey for you and your family, Gabbee!
    You are in my prayers!