Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 23rd 2010

2 months ago while taking a shower, I felt a lump in my breast. Of course my first thought was panic. My second thought was to control my emotions and its probably nothing. For 2 monthsI felt this lump and I ignored it with a worry in the back of my head that its really something scary. It would get bigger and I would ask my husband to feel it, hoping he would diagnose me so that I felt better. His response "Go get it checked." I didn't. We also dont have insurance. The thought of having to pay out of pocket for medical costs just for it to be "benign" was frustrating. About 3 weeks ago, my very good friend Amy found a lump, got it checked out and had to get it removed. Thank Jesus is was benign. However that is when I got scared. I contemplated it for awhile longer and finally went to get a well women exam. I was concerned at this point. I was scared but only heard this comment "Your young, the chances are small and Im sure its benign". I got a well women exam and was referred to get an ultrasound (For precaution). This was Friday. My ultrasound was scheduled for Monday with an amazing 40% discount totaling it at $126.00

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