Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 26th 2010

Today I went to get an ultrasound. When I checked in at the SMIL womens medical center they informed me that they had a protocol for women age 29 or older that they should get a mammogram. PRAISE THE LORD! I was scared by that word, but I was also thankful they offered that AND offered me another 40% discount and would bill me for the $220.00 cost for the mammogram. I went in for the mammogram and after I was done the tech called me back in. "Mam, the doctor has noticed some calisification spots so she would like me to take more views". Well..thats all you need to say to me at this point for me to know my worst fear was unraveling. After MANY mammo shots, they sent me into ultrasound. After a few pictures there I heard "Mam, I will be right back, Im going to grab the doctor". I really know what is going on. That is when I asked Jesus to sit on the bed with me and hold my hand because this was going to be a bumpy road. The doctor came in, looked around, took more pictures and said "I have some concern with the calisification spots and mass, so I would like to do a biopsy". I left the room, changed back into my clothes and waited for my consultation. We got called back in and I broke down. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I just broke. That is what I needed at that moment. She went over the procedure and scheduled my appointment. We left, we cried in the car and called the family. I asked "Lord, what is this road I am on?"

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