Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dr. Admire + Gabbee = Good Stuff

Have you ever thought of what it would be like to have a Double Mastectomy? Probably for you guys,men,  no you don't. But for women that is heart wrenching. Its a tough thing to have to go through that as part of your journey with Breast Cancer. At 31 I never thought that this surgery would happen.

It did obviously and when the "exchange" took place, I wasn't happy with it. It just wasn't right. And I felt that I alleast deserved to be happy.

Dr. Admire went in again on Friday to "fix" the issue and I just have to say, that I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel good, beautiful and normal.

Not many might want to read this, but if you are following my blog, then you follow 100% of my story. I will hold back details, because I like to think I'm pretty modest, but I do want to express how thankful I am and how happy I am with the results.

Not only having to go through surgery is bad enough, but having imperfections after they have been taken from you is worse. I feel complete now. I feel that I can move on in the "image" department. I feel like I'm on my way to a better image, a normalcy of some type.

I thank God that Dr. Admire did his magic. I knew he earned the #1 surgeon in America for a reason but I never got to see it. Today we did. I thanked him, ALOT and reiterated how appreciative I was that he listened to me and took his time and understood my frustration.

So..publicly...Thank you Dr. Admire for giving me back what Cancer took away. Im forever grateful.


  1. Gabbee,

    How are you? I think about you often. I want you to know that we would love to do other books like the ones we did for you and your children. Would you help us spread the word? Maybe you could post some of the layouts from the books here for people to see. What do you think?

    Jody McNelis
    Crops of Luv

    1. Jody, Im so sorry I did not see this until now. I would love to post the pages for others to see. I will do a slideshow of some sort. I just need some time. I will FB you once I have it together.

  2. Gabbee,
    I'm so happy to hear something finally went your way! You do deserve to be happy.