Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Dropping In...

Hey Readers,

I just wanted to drop in and say Hi! Things are going well here. Since I have not been working, I have had the chance to be a real "stay at home mom". I missed it, and its been nice. I have been cooking and baking which is always a blessing to do.

Kids started school last week and we are just trying to get into the routine of things. Isaac is back in swimming which he loves and he has his first meet this Saturday. Im hoping his knee stands the test and he gets back to doing what he loves without any pain. He also joined Band at school and is playing the Saxophone. I always had this strong desire to be at home with my kids after school and listen to them play their instruments in their room. Isaac has done that several times in the past 24 hours and the sound is awful but also very beautiful as I listen to him attempt to play such an awesome instrument. Im very proud of him.

Bella loves 2nd Grade. She has all of our closest friends in her class. Whats not to love?

As for me, I go back into surgery on Friday. My surgeon did NOT cut his fee as I was hoping. So, I just want to thank everyone again for your help in our past fundraiser, because although we all (including myself) do not agree with the charge, its something that I can't overcome so Thank you for helping us pay that $1000 without having to touch our personal bank account. Its a huge blessing!

My surgery is at 8am on Friday at Piper Surgery Center. Its outpatient since I am not paying for the overnight stay. I did get a call from the hospital that I received a 100% grant for the $4500 hospital bill. Praise God! Thank you for everyone that was praying with us in that regard!

Overall I feel ok. I have been really tired these past few days, not sure why. I personally think allergies are just getting to me however I think that when I stop the chemo (cuz of surgery) my body goes into this whole new it could just be the change. I just have been waking up with a headache each morning and just extremely tired. Im thinking about calling my doctor and getting a Rx for some allergy medicine since we are overwhelmed with all the "Haboobs" in Arizona. :)

So, that is the latest here! My prayer request is that surgery of course goes smoothly on Friday but the MAIN request is that he does it right this time and I am 100% happy with the results. Im just so anxious that there will be another issue. I just want this part to be over!

Thank you Blog Readers for being so persistent in my journey and praying with me!

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