Sunday, August 14, 2011


I just wanted to some stuff in our lives right now.

First, we definitly were stressed this past week as our good friends were in the waiting game as they were thinking that their first pregnancy was a miscarriage. It was definitly a heavy burden carried this week. Saturday night Amy went to the ER instructed by her doctor because of pressure that she was feeling. After a week of low HCG counts and no presence of a baby or heartbeat, the ER, gave her great reports on her levels and they got to see their baby on the ultrasound and hear his/her heartbeat. It was a blessing to share in that joy as I know how bad they want a child. It was a rough week watching a friend go through that, and it wasn't my first experience on seeing friends go through that, and its always a burden that we carry, but God gave a great miracle and He got all the Praise last night, as this was truley a miracle.

As for the Bagby's...things are continuing to move along. I am back on my weekly chemo schedule now that Im done with surgery. Every Monday for the next 32 weeks. :) Im excited to have the surgery behind me and moving right along. Im definitly ready for some normalcy back in our home.

We had some exciting news this weekend. Isaac went on his interview with Dani's Agency in Tempe. It went VERY well and we agreed to sign him up. They are very excited to use in him print and commercials. He will need some acting lessons to build his "resume" but we are looking for a hobby not an expense right now LOL so...we will take it slow and see where this leads us. He is definitly excited! And of course Mommy and Daddy are proud.

Our kids have sacrificed alot this past year, and I definitly feel like I am trying to make it up to them and allowing them to do the things they ask for. I think after this year, they deserve that.

Isaac is doing great on his saxophone and also took 1st place in the Breast Stroke at his last swim meet.

Bella isn't involoved in anything right now. She's not sure what she would like to do. Right now the only thing Bella is doing is taking antibiotics for impetigo that she got on her lip. YUCK! Pretty gross looking. I tell you....if my kids get any more funky disease, Im going to scream. LOL

As for Cory..he is earnestly seeking a job. He keeps applying but hasn't had any leads. He (we) are patiently waiting for the Anthem Hospital to open up and he will be there everday applying for anything that opens up. If you think about us in prayer, please remember that request. We REALLY need Cory closer to him for financial reasons and quality time home. Driving 3 hours a day is just insane for us. And our gas tank. :)

An update on Insurance/Financial stuff. Things are ok right now. Between a few programs and our savings..we are carrying through each week with Chemo right now and extra medical expenses. Of course I get anxious when I see the savings account go down, but God has always provided and I know that He will continue to do so. My goal is to get through the next few months of Chemo and we will cross that bridge again when we come to it.

Thank you again for your prayers and support!

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