Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chemo #......I have no idea

So tomorrow I start Herceptin again. :( I have a total of 52 treatments of this and I have had maybe...12ish? Im going to find out tomorrow how many I have left so I can start counting down. My nurse previously said that I shouldn't start counting till Im halfway through, but I want to know.

I have had a great "break" from Chemo and I am thankful that God has given me that gift. Even though I had surgery during that break, it's VERY nice to not be in the chemo chair.

But the reality of this is still lingering on as I head to my 8:20 appointment. :(

Some good things?

*My hair is continuing to grow more and more.
*I feel good from "surgery"
*I ran a mile tonight with my family
*I get to take my Jr. Highers to Camp in 7 days for a week alongside my husband. (Last year at this time at camp, I was feeling my lump and contemplating on wether it was something to worry about. Now I'll be back there, with having a double masectomy, chemo and reconstructive surgery) LOL..Interesting how life takes such quick turns.
*Im dealing with my anxiety REALLY well. I still have "help" at night but I am still waking up with overwhelming anxiety. I can't pin point it, BUT when I start to get anxious, I am learning how to walk myself through it. God Is Good.

For Example, Last night we watched "The Last Song" with Miley Cyrus. I guess I misunderstood what it was about, but its a very SAD story. I wont spoil it much, but I was crying because it hit home. Cory held me after the movie and I just got up and said "lets focus on something funny" and I came right out of that hole I was about to dive into. Thank Goodness!!!

Anyway, we have a busy week ahead. My prayer request to you is that my spirit remains strong heading back into the "chemo World"

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