Sunday, June 19, 2011

Prayer Request

Hey Followers,

Can you please pray for us these few weeks. I had to renew our insurance AGAIN and I just received our denial letter AGAIN but this time they are not offering the medical spend down as they have done in the past. :( We are un-insured again as of 7/1 for the whole family and we are already receiving bills for the time that I wasn't covered last time, and we will have to start adding more to that until we can figure this out.

I have to go back in for surgery in a few weeks and I will not be covered, so its safe to say, that Im pretty anxious about it and have no idea if my surgeon will take me un-insured ESPECIALLY because its a cosmetic fix, not a medical fix.

Anyway, Cory and I are taking 9 Jr. Highers to camp tomorrow for a week and this is probably not the best news to get on the night before I leave. :( I really  need to let this burden go and place it in God's hands.

Please pray for us, pray for our insurance once again, and pray for our family as we minister to these Jr. Highers who are so near and dear to our hearts.

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