Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Its time to buy shampoo!

Man, I've been craving a blog but haven't felt inspired but as I just finished working, Im watching the Voice and everyone in my family is sleeping....so now is a good time.

Things have been moving along here as normal. I feel really good actually. A quick update on my appointment with Dr. Admire from last week. I shed lots of tears, I was a bit upset with him and the end result was that I need to give it 2-3 months and if I am still unhappy, we will go back in and do some more nip and tuck I guess. So, we shall see. I see him again next week.

Nothing major has happened, but the one biggest things that I am happy about is my HAIR!! Its growing rapidly and I love it. I can get obsessed with just rubbing my head and feeling how thick it is. Its means alot to me. It is offically time to buy shampoo for myself again. When I go shopping for our family hygiene products, its either Cory's man shampoo or the kids shampoo. Now mommy gets her turn back! It feels good. My eyebrows are back and eyelashes too! WOOT WOOT! When I had put masacra on before Church on Sunday I could really tell a difference. It was very cool! I do think my eyebrows are darker than my hair. Interesting and fun.

I haven't been wearing hats much for two reasons. First.. Its 103 degrees and hats sound so suffocating right now. LOL. Second...I DONT CARE!!!! Its normal for me and you guys need to understand that this is a HUGE step for me in my healing process of self image. I feel that I have come a long way through my counseling and really understanding how to live like normal again.

I have not had Chemo since May because of my surgery and I am not going to lie, it feels good not to go every Monday but unfortunatley its starts back up again on the 13th. I do miss my Chemo nurses, but honestly its not something I want to go back to. I have gotten use to life with no chemo right now. :( I don't know if my "feeling good" has to do with the absence of chemo and if it is I pray that I don't take a step back in my healing process once I start again.

Anyway...here is pics of my hair growth. :) Good things!

Thanks for keeping updated on my journey.

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  1. YAY! You can totally spike it soon!!!

    Still praying for you daily, and loving you every minute!

    Love, Sarah