Monday, April 4, 2011

The hard part of CHEMO IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Praise God!!! Im DONE!!!! 9 hours later and Im done. Chemo was kinda awesome today as we celebrated and my nurses did a happy dance for me.



Thank you to my friends and family! Thank you for being there for me from the moment I got the call! Thank you for everything that you all did, and you know exactly what Im talking about. I could not have done it w/out the support of you all. I love you so much. Today was such a blessing for me.

There are so many people that played a part in my journey and I wish we could have had one big party. From my High School friends to my local neighbors and everyone in between!!! Thank you!

I can't believe Im done with the hard part of chemo.

So what is the plan of action now? Mugascan for my heart, Petscan to rule out that there is NO MORE CANCER LEFT, final reconstruction surgery, and 44 more Herceptin treatments left! Im on the road to normalcy again and I thank you all and I thank my Lord for giving me the courage that I needed to do this!

Please join me in prayer this week that my last taxol will be gentle on me and I will feel no pain this week!

I love you and I pray the Lord blesses you in abundance the way you have blessed me!


  1. such great news....i could feel your happiness and smile as i read this...glad to hear of all the great support you are truly blessed with a great community, family and group of friends...god bless to you and your family and friends....will keep my fingers crossed that you have good week.

  2. You are so precious Gabbee, we absolutely love you and your family and are very excited for this awsome moment and we will continue to pray that you are free from all pain:)