Friday, April 29, 2011

Pet Scan

Well, I wish I had results to update on, but that would not be realistic. My Tech today told me that she would do me the favor and put a STAT on my results so I can have them by Monday morning for my appointment with Dr. Obenchain then saying that they will probably be there this afternoon but the Dr. was out of the office anyway so Monday it will be.

I had to drive into town for my 7:30 appointment which we had to leave at 6:15 for, so that is a 5:30 wake up call. YUCK.

We got to the appointment and I had to have radio-active dye injected in my veins and to not move, read, listen to the radio, text (pretty much NOTHING) for an hour. Thanks to the early wake up call, I slept.

An hour later the tech came to get me and I had to sit in the scan for 25 minutes which is much better than 45 minutes. They did a pet scan and an CT scan at the same time. Yay!

Im now patiently waiting for my results. I just want to know that the inside of my body is clear from cancer and that the chemo has done its job and is continuing to do its job from keeping any cancer from returning.

I felt pretty calm today. A bit anxious, but I got through it. Monday will be a different story. Im imagining waiting in my doctors office, having shortness of breath and watching every move that my doctor makes trying to read her every expression. Until she sits down and says "your pet scan came back clear" I wont be able to breathe normally.

Im keeping myself occupied this weekend just so I can keep my mind off of something that I can not change. Tonight I am going on a dinner date with one of my very best friends Amy and then tomorrow I might do something fun with the kids while Cory is at work. :)

Until then....

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