Friday, May 13, 2011

Isaac's World

So this post has NOTHING to do with Cancer thats why I thought it was a perfect post to write. :)

When Isaac went for his 10 year old check up at his new pediatricians office, he had an option to particpate in a research study. They (FDA) are wanting to give 10 year olds their TB shot a year early because of the age group/Jr. High dilema and immunizations. Basically Isaac would get his TB shot 6 mths early (at this point). No side effects have been shown yet by giving it early thus far. Isaac would get paid $100 if he participates. His doctor told him to go home and think about it and we did and Isaac said as long as the money goes into his bank account, he would do it. LOL...As if we transferred money out of his account into ours before. LOL

Anyway, Thursday was his first of two appointments. They just draw blood and give him the shot and we keep a diary of his life the next 7 days. Pain, swelling, discomfort, etc. So far so good. He did whine and say that he couldn't get dressed this morning because his arm was sore, however he told me this afternoon that he climbed the rock wall with one arm. Hmmmm interesting. LOL

So this whole time I keep asking Isaac what he would like to get with his $100. I gave him suggestions like SAVING IT or Using it for summer camp, but he isn't falling for that. Normally my child would have this money spent already in his mind but he is being very careful. Until Tonight.

Isaac came to me after watching 3 hours of TV which means many great commercials for toys and electronics and says "mom, you know that black ball that gives you the answers when you ask it a question?" So I said "Ya the magic 8 ball." He said "ya, I think I want to use my money and buy that." I said "You have $100 and you are choosing the magic 8 ball?" He smiled and said "why not, you can ask it 2+2 and it will give you the answers to everything." Laughing out loud, I kindly brought him back to reality and reassured him that it doesn't give you the answers, it only tells you Yes, No, Not at this time and other stuff I can't remember.

So he said "well, is it true?"

"No Isaac, its not true, its fun to think that way, but we don't get our life's answers from a magic 8 ball, Im sorry to bust your bubble."

So he said "awe man, I was really wanting to buy that so it could tell me the answers like a magic computer or something."

So I said "Isaac, what world are you living in?"

He said "Isaac's world."

LOL, I just couldn't do anything but laugh and tell him to keep thinking of other things he might want to buy. Oh my son. He is growing up fast. Conversations like these make me appreciate parenthood 10x more than the moment before.


  1. Aw,Gabbee, you just made my day:)

  2. Toatally HILARIOUS