Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Post Op Surgery Update

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support through my second part of reconstruction surgery. This surgery was WAY EASIER than the first, THANK GOD! I did stay overnight in the hospital because I am still on Chemo, live 80 miles away and because of my hematoma previously, it was much smarter to stay than be sent home right away.

Sunday night before surgery we enjoyed a nice dinner at Bucco Di Peppo with my BFF's and spouses. Then we topped it off with a starbucks and a cake pop. :)

This time around I wasn't anxious as much as I was the first time of course. It was more emotional to me than anything. I did alot of walking down memory lane while sitting in the waiting room or pre-op room.

This time was VERY fast. I was back there for about 45 min at most then Dr. Admire came and did his marking and then the Anesthesiologists came and gave me a "cocktail". The surgery took about 45 minutes and recovery was 90 minutes. LOL

The most uncomfortable part of my recovery was the incision areas. Then some pressure, but for the most part, very tolerable. I came home on Tuesday and was up by Saturday. Overall, not too shabby.

I am having some issues with the end results, and I have my post-op appt today to talk about all that good stuff. I unwrapped myself on Tuesday night because I couldn't wait and it just wasn't as magical as I hoped it would be. LOL. So...9pm I called Dr. Admire and expressed my concerns. Apparently over time, things will fall into place. However..since I was medicatated when I called him and couldn't fully process that, over time I have realized that I am not happy with that response. Sooooo I will be going in today, letting him know my thoughts and standing up for myself as a patient. I have been holding the tears back and so I know that when I see him, I will be letting them out.

Having this surgery does sounds so fun right? Well, it can be, however Breast Cancer takes alot from you and this is one area that I am sensitive in and I deserve to be happy. I have been through hell and back and as my hair starts growing back in, I want to be happy all around and move on. He is causing a hiccup in that process.

Anyway...other than that, we are doing as good as we can be. We are creating lots of fun family time during this summer (locally) and although the kids are at each other's throats every hour, I do hear them laughing and running through the house as I type this blog. So...I guess this is how I will spend my 55 days of summer. LOL. It truly doesn't matter if they faught all day, Im thankful Im here to listen.

We do have a busy summer ahead of us though. Jr. High Camp WOOT WOOT which allows Cory and I to do ministry together in the beauty of Pinerock (Prescott) and the joy of watching the lives and hearts of Jr. Highers change. My dad & Stepmom will be paying a visit at the end of June for a week along with my stepsister & brother in law who I haven't seen in atleast 5 years. I get to meet my niece Luna and watch as Dylan (my nephew) and Bella play their hearts out as they are 3 weeks apart in age. Yay! Im very excited! We are also having Bella's 7th Bday party. Its a Hannah Montana/Justin Bieber VIP party. Watch out! :)

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of our Camping trip in our living room last night. It was great fun!

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