Saturday, September 17, 2011

Time of Reflection & Rejoicing

I want to take this time not to mourn but to rejoice in what the Lord has done. If you asked me to say this a year ago, I wouldn't be able to. I wouldn't be able to see past the surgery and the fear of the chemo was taking over. I was not in a place that I could see happiness. Everything around me was crumbling.

However a year later, I have to say, Im pretty happy. My natural born boobs have been taken, but I have life. And a new pair which always adds goodness. LOL

This year has been crazy and still continues to be. I am still rejoicing in the great news I received the other day that my new lump is nothing to be concerned about. I feel like healthiness is more of a reality now. I think I might start working out in the mornings so I can nap later on in the day. LOL

I don't want to reflect on that day I had surgery, because its still raw, but I want to reflect on my life today. Im home, Im "healthy" Im cleaning house, kids are cleaning their rooms, Im getting ready to print out stuff for my new class starting Monday. "Spiritual Formation" and tonight we will go out and celebrate Alice's Bday. Today is good.

I guess I should give a shout out to my Breast Surgeon Dr. Liu and my Plastic surgeon (Yes I am giving him a shout out LOL) Dr. Admire. Even though the 3 surgeries after the fact, weren't textbook I have to say....THANK YOU for giving me what Cancer took away.

Jeremiah 29:11 comforts me today!

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