Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Memory Lane....12 months later

Its crazy to think that 20 days from now I will be coming to my one year anniversary of my diagnosis. I don't want to say Anniversary because when I think anniversay I think celebration and this is definitly something I don't want to put in the category of Celebrating. Our Wedding Anniversary is on July 22nd. 11 years for us. Its amazing. I remember last year I wanted to something GRAND for our 10 year anniversary. LOL...I wouldn't call getting a mamogram GRAND. But I have to say that 11 years later, or even a year later after the diagnosis our marriage has grown in such a GRAND way and I am ever so thankful that Cory was the one that was chosen for me especially to go through this journey with me. I have heard of horror stories of men leaving their wives during treatment. I can't even imagine that feeling and I am thankful that Cory has NEVER made me feel insecure by his words or actions. He has only raised me up through this process. I think for our anniversary this year we need to make it GRAND. :)

The reason I am heading down memory lane is because I have been on the computer since 8am searching and applying and getting paperwork together for different programs to help with out of pocket costs. I had to pull out my pathology report and my reports from the breast surgeon to send to these sites and I just can't believe it. Still....I just remember getting my biopsy and standing in my friends driveway saying "Im sure it will come back negative, women have lumps all the time" It just boggles my mind that I went down this road.

To look back now is definitly emotional but not in a way that I am weeping. I realized that my life can change in an instant, and that its not just something that happens to other people.

As I reflect on this past year, my response is thankful. Thankful to my family, friends, supporters, new friends, old friends and everyone in between. Im thankful that you have made this journey so much lighter than it could have been. It wasn't always easy, but knowing I had support and people who loved me made it so much lighter.

I would like to do something on July 26th to reflect the blessings in my life. Im just not sure what yet.

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  1. A pink party? And instead of presents donations whether it be money, gift cards for gas, grocery stores or visa gift cards. Things like that.