Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday.....An expensive Day

Today is the first full day of doctors appointments for both myself and Isaac with no insurance. As soon as I opened my eyes, the butterflies in my stomach started roaring with the thought of the expenses. A medication refill needs to happen today as well as chemo. I will talk to my doctor about some possibilities of disability or any other options she knows. Im desperate at this point, to find health coverage with just 20 days away from surgery. Today I start to rack up my bill at my oncologist office. It truly makes me sick.

Isaac has his ortho appointment today. Im praying that I can work something out with them as a cash pay patient, especially if he needs to be casted. I have never met this doctor before as I was referred by my pediatrician who is also new to our family since the death of our old pediatrician. Im praying that my story and situation gives him a tender heart of understanding.

This week I will be religiously searching for programs, grants..anything that will get me through.

 I also decided to fast, and bathe myself in prayer. This past week we had so much family around, I lost that time to really reflect and process the whole thing. Now its back to reality and I need to face the dragons...

BUT a good and special friend texted this to me and I will end with it.

I will list all the good that God has done for me and how He has provided for us over the past year since my diagnosis. I will list the miracles that He has performed and shove it in the Devil's face so that he knows, he has no place here. I need to rest in the fact that God has brought us this far and He will not let a corrupt health care system be the final say. My God is bigger than that. I will put the list in God's hands and Praise Him for all the good work He has done. I will then wait expectantly.

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  1. Gabbee,

    I am going over to my friend's house - who also has cancer - to do a detox treatment. We will lift you up in prayer! You are loved!

    Cindy Cunningham