Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Update

Well today was a day of many emotions. First I just want to thank everyone that messaged me and prayed with me. I loved feeling the presence of God today and Lord knows that I needed it. I decided to fast today and it was really an awesome time with God.

First, with Chemo. I am happy to report that we might qualify for Free Herceptin! Yes....FREE CHEMO. I don't know who its funded by, but from what I understood, its the "chemo medicine company". LOL. Anyway, if we qualify we would only be financially responsible for the office visit and nursing hours. Still about $800 a month...but its better than $12,000 a month. So, I have to send my stuff into my oncologists office and wait on the approval.

The downside of my appointment is that I might have to get some hormone shots which I am not a fan of. I have to meet with my doctor on the 11th. The reason for the shots is because (TMI, so beware and Im speaking in code LOL) my body was put into early menopause and now that Im off the chemo that has put me in menopause, my body is trying to get back to normal, but its struggling...Sooooooo they might have to give me hormone shots to stop the insanity. I hope this all makes sense. LOL

THe reason I am not a fan of the shots, is because breast cancer is commonly caused by execessive hormones and I don't want anything added to my body at this point. But my oncologist knows best and I trust her judgement so I will just have to wait until Monday.

Moving on to Isaac's appointment. We got there and the scheduler, dropped the ball somewhere and never scheduled us in. The doctor drove 45 minutes to come back to the office to see Isaac. Because of that the office is not charging us for today's visit. She said its the least she can do. LOL.

WOOT WOOT! God is Good and Im thankful that I can come home and report that.

It was confirmed that Isaac did break his tibia, and know has a growth plate concern, but the doctor feels confident it will heal in a few weeks. He chose not to cast Isaac because he is going to camp and he doesn't want him in the cast at camp for several reasons. He actually doesn't want Isaac going to camp at all, but I told him that I already took him out of swimming and I don't want to take this from him either. So Isaac is going with STRICT instructions. He is in a soft cast till the end of January.

So.....not everything was handed to us, but we definitly had some blessings today which reassured me that God is bigger than Insurance Companies.

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