Sunday, March 13, 2011


Im so excited to annoucnce our new addition to our family! Mr. IPAD! I have been asking for one since I was diagnosed because I wanted it for my long days of treatment. Well after 9 months of dropping hints and kicking and screaming like a toddler, LOL my family GOT ONE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much FAMILY! LOL. Im so excited. This was a "your almost done" gift. HaHa! Love it. I haven't set it up much yet, but its exciting. I get to take it to my 9 hour treatment tomorrow and I plan on playing games all day. LOL. Well Im sure that Cory will play with it too. I'll give him some IPAD time. HaHa. The kids are excited too.

Im really blessed by my family. They have been through alot too as they go alongside me through this journey and they have helped in so many ways and this was just the icing on the cake. :)

On a little sad note, I do get my Taxol tomorrow. Its always a tough thing trying to get my mind in Chemo mode knowing the pain Im about to be in, in just a few days. We had a great family weekend though. I try and focus on them before I am laid up for the week. Im guessing it will hit me by Wednesday and then I'll be down till about Monday or so. It seems like each treatment it lingers longer. :( ugh. BUT! After tomorrow I'll be 7 down 1 to go!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE GOOD LORD! I can't believe it!

Tonight, the kids asked if tomorrow is the "soft treatment" or the "hard treament". After I told them that this one is the tough one, they both said "awe man". I reassured them that the hard part is almost over and soon we will get back to normal. I can't wait. I just can't wait!

I will be talking to my Oncologist tomorrow about doing the herceptin weekly as opposed to every 3 weeks. The nurses said that some patients feel side effects when its every 3 weeks because its 3 doses in one. I rather go into town and get treatment for 30 minutes once a week and feel NO SIDE EFFECTS then go every 3 weeks, for 90 minutes and feel side effects. So...that is my decision. :) I will do that for 46 more weeks (give or take) sooooo if you are in the CHandler area, I would love to use those days to visit with friends since I am in town. :) Just let me know. :)

Well, off to bed I have to ensure I am rested for my treatment. Here is a pic of me and my new man. LOL....


  1. Oh, sweet girl! I love you so much! Love the pink Icover! :)

  2. LOVE IT!!! Congrats on the new addition! I recently got an ipod touch and have loved every minute of it! I'm crazy organized now!!! If you need any recommendations for games/apps... i'm the Queen!
    Praying for you!!! Especially over the next week!