Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taxol Treatment #3 YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS???????

I can not believe Ive had 7 Treatments of CRAPPY CHEMO and only 1 CRAPPY CHEMO to go. I just can't believe it.

I had a good talk with my Oncologist yesterday. We still have A LONG WAY to go. After my last Taxol (April 4th & 9:20 vistors are welcome. LOL ) I have 46 more Herceptin to go. Weekly. However, I have to stop 10 days before my surgery and can't start up again till about 10 days after. Soooooo....that is putting my final Chemo Treatment around January 2012 give or take. Whatever...the herceptin is super easy and I am just looking forward to April 4th. I want balloons and a Carvel Cake. I've earned it. LOL

So yesterday's treatment was tough. I have NO IDEA why that medicine hit me the way it did. OMG. One minute I was playing on my IPAD, talking with other patients, which by the way this one lady was adorable. She LOVES going to Chemo as she says. I think she is lonely and she loves getting out to talk to people. She is battling lung cancer but thinks she is healed already. :) She commented on my Pink case for the IPAD and noticed my pink case on my IPhone and was bummed that Lung Cancer didn't have a ribbon color. But I corrected her after looking it up on my amazing IPAD and told her it was the color of pearl. So, if I see a pearl bracelet, I think Im going to get it for her, because she was so excited and I will see her again next treatment. Everyone should have a Ribbon and she REALLY wants one.

Ok, sidetracked...anyway so I was chatting with her, playing on my IPAD and then got free lunch from the Hospital which was nice. They always have goodies for us. So, I was eating it and then about 10 minutes later...I needed a barfing pan. Cory got it for me, and my body went into major crappy mode. Nausea, tired and FREEZING...basically a zombie. They pumped some Zofran in me and I felt better, but the other meds KNOCKED ME OUT! Cory went to run an errand and the guy near me was getting blood work done and helped me get situated. He is fighting pancreatic cancer. I remember at one point, I opened my eyes and my Oncologist and Nurse were standing over me. When I made eye contact with them, they just told me to go back to sleep, everything is ok. LOL...I have NO IDEA what happened but that lasted about 3 hours. I woke up and TADA...all better. Like it never happened. So weird.

We left home at 8:00am, dropped the kids off at my moms and then headed to Chemo for my 9am appt. They were so backed up because one of my nurse's dad died and flew to California so it was only 1 nurse there and a few helpers. They were super busy and so 9 hours later we were the last to leave. Long day. Cory and I got some Chen's on the way home and I crawled in bed cried to Cory about the long day and crashed. My legs were super crampy. Not sure why. That NEVER happens. I took some medication last night and I woke up feeling better. I have a headache today, but that is too be expected. The pain should start tomorrow sometime and then we shall see how long it lasts. Im trying to get as much done today so I do not have to worry about it this week.

Thanks to those that are taking my kids off my hands this week and coming to take care of me. Cory's schedule sucks of course and his next day off isn't until Sunday. :( And of course the kids are on Spring break. So....I really appreciate the help.

On a side note, yesterday during chemo, we had some doors open up that we weren't expecting. And not to get into much detail, I just want to ask for prayer for Cory and his job. He is currently driving 62 miles each way to work and we are spending over $400 a month in gas with the high gas prices. We are praying hard for doors to open or changes to be made. God knows our needs, our desires and our hearts so I am just asking that you join me in prayer for that.

Thank you again for all your support!!!! I'll try and check in this week if I can.

love ya'll

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  1. I am Praying that they get this hospital up A.S.A.P, so he can walk to work if he wanted to:)Also I am still praying that you are not effected bty the taxol this time aound, please heremy prayers Lord Jesus, we love you and Glorify you, in the name of Jesus, AMEN.