Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reality Set in Today. Good piece of reality.

So you would never think that a visit to the dentist would cause me to blog, but it did. Actually it was the kids dentist appointment. We have been going to Dr. Montoya for a few years now and so he has seen me go from No Cancer to Cancer. Today the kids got a checkup and during their cleaning Dr. Montoya started to ask how I was doing and what my progress was.

I was expressing with much delight that Im almost done. Sometimes I think to myself if I should say Im almost done, because I still have another year left, but I think one more taxol and surgery in 2 months justifies being done! So after I updated him on my progress, he asked me when I will "know". It was funny because I knew exactly what he was asking. I told him that I would do a pet scan after Taxol so that they can make sure the chemo worked! That's a scary thought in my mind as it would be for anyone else. I don't even want to think of waiting on those results and the anxiety that comes with it.

Anyway, after my kids got their cleaning and WONDERFUL results (Cavity Free) Dr. Montoya said "So, we will see you again in 6 months." I said "Sounds good to me" and he said "Gabbee, when you come will be done" I paused for a minute and said "Yup, I sure will"

Our appointment is in September and by then, Yes, BIG RED, TAXOL and Final Reconstruction will be a thing of the past. When I left the office and walked outside to the bright Arizona Sun, I had a big smile on my face.

Next time the kids get a check-up I will have 6 months of hair growth!!!! HaHa! WOOT WOOT!

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