Monday, March 7, 2011


Hi Everyone! I just wanted to send a Thank You to everyone that has supported us this time around in our GRILL FOR GABBEE SWEEPSTAKES! We raised $400 (Not including donations that came in before the actual event) and a big Congratulations To Ken Sutton for winning the awesome Grill. BIG TIME THANK YOU TO MY AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE AGENT
TY SCHRAUFNAGEL for EVERYTHING that He and the American Family Co did for us! We are FOREVER GRATEFUL!

Saturday was a great day and I am grateful to my sister who came and helped me for 8 hours on her day off. I couldn't have done it alone. (Cory was working) LOL

Thank you to everyone that made a donation to us. I can't thank you enough. Just so you know, last night we paid all the bills for the month with savings. Thank you for allowing us to lift that burden off our shoulders. I can NOT WAIT to get through the next two treatments and surgery and be back to work next school year. It has been rough, but with the help of everyone, we have made it through. I have said this lots of times, and I will say it again. You are the hands and feet of God. I hope you know that.

I created a Fan Page on Facebook for my Blog. I talked to lots of people on Saturday who either went through this or knows of someone, and I really want to get my story out there for people to hear and read for encouragement. I figured that the FB page would get more networking for my blog than just my personal page. So if you know me on FB become a FAN AND INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TOO :)

I had someone comment on my page this morning and I deleted it. I don't know the person and Im not mad, but a bit taken back. So I want to comment on his comment and hopefully it's clear incase anyone ever feels this way. To sum up the comment, it was "If you have insurance, why are you reaching out for donations"? I know the people in my life don't ask that question because their support speaks from their heart. With Cancer comes a multiude of expenses. From loss of income to Medical expenses that the Insurance doesn't pay for. I don't even want to list everything out, because I become annoyed at the comment. I joked in the beginning of this journey that I would write a book about "what not to say" to me and that definitly makes the cut.

For everyone that has supported us through this I truly want to thank you for being there wholeheartedly. Whether its financial, or meals, or care for the kids or a shoulder to cry on. I COULD NOT do this without you.

On a happy note, I have my final FILL tomorrow. (well Dr. Admire doesn't know that, but Im DONE) When my clothes & bra's aren't fitting, IM DONE! Im praying I get to leave there with a surgery date. My oncologist cleared me today for Mid or End of May to have surgery. Ahhhh, Im excited! Im not nervous yet. Just anxious. I have two more Taxol treatments left! I can't believe this is almost coming to a close. Even though I have chemo till 2012 (super mild) I am going to have a party in April to celebrate the completion of the HARD PART!

So hopefully my next blog will be with a surgery date.

 Im almost done guys and I hope that my calendar for the 2012 year is NOT FILLED with Oncology and Plastic Surgeon appointments. Only a 6 mth checkup with my Breast Surgeon. THat would be awesome huh?

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  1. People can say such hurtful things:(. We love you Gabbee and we all support you.<3