Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kids say the darnest things....

I was going to blog about my crazy day of insurance stuff but instead I wanted to blog about the things that made me laugh today. So I wanted to share them with you. They are very random but they made me laugh and after a day like today....I needed a good laugh.

Earlier today I had to stop by my friends John and Amy's house to get our Youth Group Lesson together. I was standing at the door waiting for them to answer and 2 little girls were playing at the house next door on the sidewalk.

"She doesn't have any hair" Girl #1 said.
"Yes she does, its in a ponytail under her hat" Girl #2 said.
"No its not, I can tell, she doesn't have any hair". Girl #1 said.

I turned around and said "She's right, I dont have any hair".

"See I told you" Girl #1 said.

"I had breast cancer and Im on chemotherapy now, thats why I have no hair" I said.

"Oh my goodness, are you going to be ok?" Girl #2 said.

"Yup, Im getting better each day!"

LOL. It was so funny for a couple of reasons. First, that they thought I couldn't hear them, and two, that they were so shocked and concerned all at the same time. It was cute and funny and it made me smile.

The other thing that made me smile was when we got home from Youth Group I shouted to the kids. "Hit the showers." So Isaac said "Mom, Mrs. Walter said that we need to make sure we are showering each day and practice good hygiene." We immediately laughed because I know EXACTLY where Mrs. Walter's was going with that statement. So I said to Isaac "Raise your arms up" So he did. "I smelled and I was very excited to know that my son was not the culprit of the hygiene message.

Isaac told me that the class smells like B.O. and so I said "well, your not the cause of that, so your routine for showers is just fine." But he insisted that he follows his teachers rule and wanted to shower and to use her suggestion for deodorant. So I explained that sometimes boys his age, shower, but they dont really shower. That is not the case for him. If he would like deodorant, he may use some, but the message was not for him. But he went on to say that she said "everyone". LOL...So I said "Ok, if you want to use deodorant you can use all the deodorant you want, you have some upstairs, use it." So he lifts up his arms, pulls his shirt down and said "But I don't have any hair under my arms yet, so it shouldn't be smelling bad right?"

LOL....Oh, the joys of having a 4th grade boy. Poor Mrs. Walters. I know that if that message went out, the classroom had to stink. Im just glad that my son was not part of that smell. LOL.

So, after the long day of driving around town and dealing with insurance, Im happy to have little pieces of my day that can put a smile on my face.


  1. 2 years ago Sal's classroom was so small, the teacher was lighting candles to try to help get rid of the oder,did it work? Um,NO!HEhehehehehehehe, you made my evening Gabbee, your so funny:)

  2. Richard has been shaving for days now, and he only turns 10 this Friday!