Sunday, February 20, 2011


AGAPE LOVE - Divine, Unconditional, Self-Sacrificing, Active and Thoughtful Love.

In our Love Dare book, the excercise asks us if we have trouble showing AGAPE LOVE to our spouse. As I was reading it this morning, I realized how much trouble I have in that area. I feel guilty because I am not allowing my heart to fully express AGAPE LOVE to Cory. I try and remain patient in times of distress. I try and think before I speak. I try and see Cory as Christ see's him. Some days are easier than others but I fail more than I succeed. Today after church, I pretty much crawled my way into my bed. Cory brought me a tray with my lunch on it, took care of the kids then made his way back into bed with me. I crawled into his arms, as we watched a movie and I asked him to rub my fuzzy semi-bald head. I laid there and fell asleep for what seemed like forever. When your bones are hurting throughout your body, the most soothing action will shoot a sense of peace through your body that relaxes your muscles. I want to compare it to rocking a baby to sleep while singing a lullaby. When I woke up and felt the shooting pain back in my bones, and the meds wore off I realized how lucky I am to have AGAPE LOVE from Cory. I couldn't imagine going through this without him. I asked the question to myself. Could I do this for him? Could I hold it together and give him Divine, unconditional and self-sacrifcing love if he was laying here in pain from Chemo? My first response would be OF COURSE! But the real question is....Can you do it without complaining? 

AGAPE LOVE is a love that we receive from Christ alone. We are to share that same love with our spouses. Would Jesus lay here and comfort me until I fell asleep? Would He bring me lunch till I was stuffed? Would He rub my legs till they don't hurt anymore? Would He fulfull my needs till they are 100% met? We all know the answer right?

I pray that I can show AGAPE LOVE to my husband as He does for me.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful comments!!!!

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  2. I just Love and adore you Gabbee, this is from you little duckling, QUACK! QUACK!