Thursday, February 24, 2011

How are you doing?

Just simply getting in the car to drop off my kids at school and as they get out of the car and saying "Have a good day, Ill see you at parent pick up" puts a big smile on my face. feels good to feel normal again. I think I might conquer the afternoon by walking to pick them up.

This treatment lasted 5 days which is 2 days longer than last treatment. Doesn't look good for my next two treatments does it? The pain was different. The same, but different. I am not sure why. I talked to my nurses yesterday and they explained that the nerve shooting pain is neuropathy. I thought neuropathy was tingling/numbness in my fingers and toes. is, but its also the pain I am feeling in my legs. It was worse at night which I rather because Cory is home helping me. I walk and my legs would give out. My knee caps felt like they were being stomped on by a horse or something. The side effects are crazy. I will tell you....that getting chemo yesterday having to deal with that leg pain was not fun. It was very uncomfortable but my nurses were awesome and tried to help as much as they can. My doctor is going to talk to me about a drug that will help me with that specific pain. She really doesn't want me taking more than Ibprofun, but that is a fairy lets get the Rx. But thank God my drip was only 30 minutes long so my mom took me home, and got me settled, I took my meds, and took a nap. I am VERY thankful of my mom during this time. She shows me AGAPE love all the time. Taking off work, losing her own income, staying in my house for 12 hours at a time, cooking, cleaning, laundry and counseling of course. LOL. When she tells me how much it breaks her heart to see me like this, I try and imagine myself as Bella and me sitting on the chair trying to talk Bella through the pain. I couldn't imagine and I Dont want to. But its a good reminder of how much my family is going through as well.

Usually during my "down days" I learn something. This time...was 2 things. The AGAPE LOVE I feel from my husband. And 2nd I learned when you are in pain, there is no better way to do it then in church during worship time. LOL. This Sunday I went to church..medicated but I went. I kind of stayed in the background as much as I can but that is hard to do. But worship was really good this week and sitting down just singing praises to God was pretty awesome.

So, as the pain is subsiding and Im down to only 2 ibprofun now I am ready to be Gabbee again. I missed being me. So, Im going around the house and making it tidy, I have work to do along with ministry work and I have a HOT date tomorrow with my hubby. Actually we were laughing last night because I asked him if he could plan our date. So I asked him where we were going and he said "well Im hoping I can take you to a fancy resturant". I laughed and said "you do realize how broke we are right?" LOL so he said "Fine, McDonalds it is" LOL! So...who knows. I don't care. We just need alone time other than 9 hours at CHEMO and 3 days at the Hospital. That DOESN'T count as a date night. :)

Oh on the plus side? I learned that sometimes Taxol stops hair growth but doesn't necessarily make your hair fall out. Well because I had a month in between treatments (becuase of my low blood count) my hair had a change to grow some fuzz. So it stayed. My mom bought me some "miracle" hair growing shampoo in Mexico. LOL They sell it in the States, just cheaper there. Anyway, I used it this morning. I think I see a difference. I think Im ready for a haircut. LOL!!! Not really but Im anxious to see how it works after my treatment is done. 2 more to go. April 4th is my last Taxol as long as everything continues to go as planned. Then surgery probably in May.

So...that is how I am doing in a nutshell. Thank you for your prayers during this past week. Its encouraging and God has answered some prayers.

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