Thursday, February 17, 2011

TAXOL- 2 Down...2 to go

Today was interesting. I went to chemo by myself for the first time ever. Well, I did have my friend Tiffany stay with me until I got settled. I got there about 9:30 and left at 4:30. Sounds fun huh? Today was Taxol and Herceptin. My oncologist came in and first gave me lots of hugs for the little gift I left on her desk. (I love her) and then proceeded to ask me about the evaluation I got from the Cardio doc. She was not happy when I told her that he discharged me over the phone and didn't see me. So, if I am still feeling the pain (as I still am today) by next week, she will send me to a NEW cardio doctor to get one on one patient care. Im happy with that path.

Most of the day I slept. The pre-meds knocked me out. Plus I haven't had the best few days. I was talking in my sleep. It was quite embarressing. LOL My friend Rachelle was sick and usually visits me but she sent her hubby to bring me lunch. That was a huge relief since I forgot my lunch and couldn't send my husband. LOL

The reason Cory stayed home was because of the kids. We did make a deal that he would always be there, but after this week in the hospital we both feel very convicted that our children are dealing with more than needed so there was some sacrifice that had to happen. He stayed home, and they had a half day, so he picked them up, did homework with them and then headed out to town to pick up Isaac's Birthday gift that he saved money for. A PSP. Im rolling my eyes because $140 for a "gameboy" but whatever. LOL. $500 more dollars I could have an IPAD. LOL We have major bills to worry about and income keeps going down, so an IPAD is seriously not something we can do right now. I can still roll my eyes though. LOL.  Anyway, they came about an hour before I was done and then we had a family dinner. It was nice.

Right now I just feel wiped out and have had several hot flashes. They are annoying. LOL. Tomorrow is JJ, and Im SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT. Im praying the pain does not appear until Saturday. My terms. LOL

Good things about today? I asked the nurse if Taxol was just as hard on the hair loss as BIG RED and she said "NO, that some patients dont lose their hair!" Yay...that is why I see my hair growing, instead of falling out. I think Im ready for a haircut. LOL. J/K...but that is a nice light for the end of the tunnel.

Also, I was nominated and accepted to receive a gift from "cropsofluv" which is a scrapbooking company. My friend Carrie submitted my story and I got it! Basically they are providing me with an album for Isaac and an album for Bella. I get to pick 60-100 pics of what I want in their album and then I get to journal in them, the rest is done by the company. Colors, designs, etc. Once I get my pics in order, I will meet with her and she said we will probably cry together as we get the book ready, and Im sure we will. She reassurred me that this isn't a "death" book. I've been wanting to do something like this, but couldn't bring myself to do it, so Im really excited to just go through the pics and choose what I want Bella and Isaac to remember about me. Wether they will have to look at it now, or 50 years from now. Its such a blessing to have.

The other cool thing is that I get to go to see JJ with my chemo nurses. That was a shock and I wasn't anticpating this conversation. One of my nurses said that she heard "Praise you in the storm" on KLOve and she thought about me. We started talking about Christian music and I asked her if she likes JJ Heller and she got very excited and said "I love her music". So I told her that I have 2 extra tickets. So, now I get to go worship and fellowship with my chemo nurses. Who would have thought? Not me? PTL!

It wasn't as depressing sitting by myself today s as I thought it would be, but its definitly not something I would do again if I don't have to.

I can't believe I have 2 Taxol's left. Im so flipping excited. I did have to move around my schedule a bit. Because Taxol differs from BIG RED, my schedule is different. So Im moving my Taxol to Monday's. That gives me Tuesday nights with the Youth Group and Sunday mornings with my church family. If I kept it on Wednesdays, I would miss both. From here on out until further notice I will have Herceptin every week until my mugascan in April.

Pray for my heart. That the pain goes away!
Pray for my pain from the Taxol. I don't even want to think about it. :(

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