Thursday, February 10, 2011

Asking for Help

A new meal schedule is posted on

Through this journey most of the times I have mentioned the need and I was overwhelmed with responses. At times I feel like I have exhausted those around me, always caring for me and not being to return the good works. My desire is to be there as great as you have all been there for me.

As I started this new treatment and now know the side effects, I need help. My family needs help. It might seem strange to ask for help when you see me in such a normal state most of the time. I only wish that was my 24/7. Unfortunately my family and close friends see the flipside and the reality of chemo. This past taxol treatment, my mother did not leave my side until Cory was home and even then she was right back at my house in the morning cooking breakfast, in order to give Cory a break. Sometimes I forget that my husband is dealing with this emotionally.

SO as you watch my video as I dance around the parking lot of Fresh and Easy in California, please know that,is not my 24/7. I am glad for that video to be used as inspiration to others so that people may see that I am still full of joy.

Taxol treatment is random. This past dose, didn’t hit me till the evening of day 2. Im a bit paranoid about that because I was given tickets for my birthday to go see JJ Heller in concert on Friday. So, I might be seeing her, but on pain meds. LOL.

Anyway, Saturday, Sunday and Monday was my worst. The doctor did tell me that the pain can stay around longer as I get more treatment.

Im asking for help for meals, on Wednesday night (after 9 hours of treatment), Saturday, Sunday and Monday. If I have an overwhelming response, I will gladly be happy to freeze meals for other days that we need it for.

If you are able, please go to my link and sign up. If you can’t access the link, just email me at and let me know. If you would like to help but do not live close by, you can email Rachelle at to arrange delivery.

Thank you so much in advance for your good works to our family! We are forever grateful!

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  1. Gabbee, you went up to SanDiego with the side effects of the taxol? I would had never guessed that you were having a hard time this week, God is so amazing. Praise God for Giving Gabbee the comfort,Joy and perserverence she needs to get through day to day, Thankyou Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.