Thursday, February 3, 2011

32 Years Old. Who would have thought?

So February 1st I had another Birthday. Yipee! I love my Birthday. This one was way different of course. Im bald, with expanders on Chemo. LOL Who would have thought? Not me! Someone told me that once you hit 30, its all downhill from there. LOL. Hmmmmmm....

Overall though I had a great day. I started feeling better from the Taxol on Monday night. I could feel my body going from sharp shooting nerve pain to achy. Tuesday I had cramps in my knees, but it was by far so much better than what I dealt with. I woke up to a wonderful surprise at my door from my friend Amy.

That was really fun to get! Then my sister & I went to the produce market which is always fun when you get bell peppers for 4 for a $1. LOL. Then off we went to have lunch at Chili's and met my friend Hope. We had a good time and I had a fudge brownie with ice cream. YUM!

We had Youth Group that night as well so I got to celebrate with some of the teens. Most of my Jr. Highers had their school sports games that night so I have to celebrate with them another time. LOL. Amy put together a great gift for me from the kids. She had them write me a note of inspiration and she put it in an adorable purple book.  :)

Me & Dayton. He stopped by to wish  me a Happy Birthday and his Birthday is (was) Feb 2nd.

LOL All about me!

John had this idea and didn't work out. LOL

So, overall it was a good day. I tried to keep concentrating on the fact that I am here as healthy as I can be, other than concetrating on the fact that I am a cancer patient. I don't was hard, but I think I did fine.

Yesterday I went in for my weekly Herceptin. 30 minute drip as opposed to 9 hours. It was magical. LOL I looked around and saw the other patients getting chemo and I felt guilty that I only had to sit for 30 minutes. Oh well...I will be there all day in 2 weeks. LOL

I did meet one lady. I don't know...maybe in her late 40's. She had ovarian cancer which then took over her body. She has been on Chemo for 6 years!!!! She has 3 grandkids & that is her reason for living. She was in the middle of getting her taxol. I asked her how the pain was for her and she described it so well. As weird as this may sound, but its so encouraging when you can talk to someone about the pain and the way it feels. They understand. It's hard to describe it and for people to know how to help you when they don't understand where it hurts. We don't even understand where it hurts.

Anyway she started saying that it feels like a crowbar is being jammed into your shoulders and your knee caps, trying to pry them off. LOL. I yelled out and said "EXACTLY"! The reason I was very verbal about that was because on the night of Isaac's bday dinner, I had about 2 good hours with minimal pain (I was on my pain meds) and after dinner we went to Krispy Kreme. I could feel the pain coming back and all of a sudden I had a shooting sharp pain in my righ shoulder and I was just like "Im done, Im ready to go home.". I sat in the car rubbing my shoulder, my legs, my knees, my thighs and it just kept getting worse. She described my pain that night and it was so nice to hear. She also said she doesn't take pain meds. She takes Ibprofun and lays in bed for days. Im not EVEN GOING to be that HERO!

Here is a picture of my nightstand. Cory got bored as he was waiting for me to swallow many pills so this is his creation. Call me what you want, but until your in my shoes....LOL

I told the lady at CHEMO that I take lots of stuff to try and find the right medicine. She told me she went from 2 Ibprofun to 3. Seriously? How do you describe your pain from having a crowbar jammed into your body and only taking 3 Ibprofun!!! INSANITY!!! But Good for her. LOL. Not for me. My friend KiKi described her pain as having her bones being stuck through a vise. LOL. She texted me and gave me ideas for pain meds. YAY KiKi.

All joking aside...I don't wish this pain on anyone. Its terrible and I have 3 more. :( Not so happy. The lady at CHEMO asked me "has your skin on the roof of your mouth starting coming off"? Ummmmmmmm NO! And that isn't in the "side effect" book so it better NOT! Although she said she had trouble eating and I gained 10 pounds since I started chemo, so maybe it'll work for me. :)

Then when I was leaving, I was showing off my Birthday Toes. I got balloons and a cupcake. LOL. She said "You know, you will start losing some of your nails. I lost two." and my CHEMO nurse said "Taxol is known to do that". I laughed and said "Seriously, is this a joke" GIve me the BIG RED back!!! Im OVER TAXOL!! Man, I can't wait till Im done. Im having a PARTY!!!!

So, needless to say, it has been an eventful two days. No side effects from HERCEPTIN other than my neropathy which is from the taxol, but whatever. That's a piece of cake.

I had lots of energy last night. We went grocery shopping, I cleaned all of my produce from the day before and bagged it up. I made dinners for the weeks to come. I made an amazing dinner and we had Valentines cookies as we watched American Idol. Ahhhh I love family time. Im soaking it up while I can. Getting my house in order before the next round.

Loves, Gabs

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