Monday, January 3, 2011

Chicken Pox & Prostate Cancer

So let me start off by begging for a big prayer request. In the midst of my household chaos, my mom called me to inform me that my stepdad Joe has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. As you can imagine I was in total shock. Even as a cancer patient, I had no idea how to respond to my own mother. All I could say is I love you. Here is the update on him. First, I want to say that his faith is admirable. When I spoke to him on the phone, I was in awe with the peace that he felt and the comfort he was feeling from Christ. Thank the Good Lord, his cancer was caught early and is in the early stages. He has some good options in line for treatment. Right now the biggest prayer request is his bone scan next week. We are praying that God paralyzes the cancer in its spot. That is my main prayer request. It has been a rough year for my mom. Her stepdad passing, her mom passing, my cancer, and now Joe. I just pray that the strong women I know she is prevails through this. We are SO DONE being attacked!!!

Moving on. This morning I noticed Bella had a scap on her scalp as I was brushing her hair. I checked it out thinking it was lice. LOL She said it was itchy, but I didn't think anything of it. Today I picked her up from school and she had two red spots on her face. One on her forehead, the other on her eyebrow. I touched them, feeling around and thought OH CRAP!!! I took her home, put on some gloves stripped her body and what do you know? Nothing else but chicken pox!!! GRUGH!!!!!!!!!! I have so many words in my vocabulary that I wanted to use. Why does this keep happening when I am going into my "low" week which is in two days!!!!!????

So I called the pediatrician and got her an appointment tomorrow at 10:00am. I was super anxious on the response I would get from my oncologist. I wasn't too concerned about Bella, but I had this weird feeling that my whole life was about to turn upside down. I did have the virus when I was a kid so I had some hope hanging on that. Yes, Bella was vaccinated and so was Isaac. Cory has never had the pox nor vaccinated. (I was reminded of that this evening) GRUGH AGAIN.

So I call the oncologist and spoke to the chemo nurse. She got all the information and was going to talk to the doctor. She called me back, and said Doctor wants either you to leave the house if possible, or Bella but its not safe for you to be in the house with her. Even though I had the pox as a kid, I still have a chance because my immune system is so low. If I bypassed the pox and got a "virus" since kids have colds, fever along with the pox, Im going into my low week (Wednesday) I will have no infection fighting cells to back me up and a virus is a lot harder to treat than an infection. So bottom line...SEPERATE. I did call back and ask her if she felt comfortable if I isolated myself in my bedroom while my husband takes his vacation time and stayed home to care for Bella. It wasn't her first choice but she said if I stay away and have no contact, then she was ok. Im still torn.

As I was getting this phone call from my doctor, that is when I received the call from my mom about Joe. My head literally was spinning. Not only now am I emotionally exhausted from all this, but I have been in bed all day still recovering from chemo. Im getting better each day, but my body just can't handle all of it.

My sister came here, cooked dinner, provided emotional support, my 12 year old niece was the BOMB and helped cook dinner too, took care of Bella and tended to our every need. I love her. I stayed in the other room, popping valium LOL (only 1) and eating chocolate cookies. A bit later my mom and Joe stopped by and we just sat around laughing. Joe with prostate cancer, my poor mother has been beaten up, my sister struggling, Bella with chicken pox, me and my bald head and my husband trying to soak it all in. At a time like this, we might say "God where are you" but we weren't. We were all praising God and Thanking Him for the life we have and the answers to prayer we have received. I can't tell you why this is happening. I don't really care, all I care is to get on my knees and PRAY PRAY PRAY that it stops.

But we weren't done yet. As everyone left, and I laid on the floor from complete exhaustion I told Cory I was heading into my isolation room till tomorrow till we can figure out what to do. Isaac goes into the shower, Cory followed me down into the bedroom, I got on my facebook, Cory got on his phone and I hear a scream from upstairs. I ignored it thinking it might be the TV. Next I heard "Daddy, please come!" So we both ran up the stairs. Where did I get that energy from, I have NO IDEA! We get upstairs to find Isaac in fetal position from pain, of slipping in the shower, catching his toenail in the drain, tearing it off, but yet still hanging on by a thread. I fall to my knees on the stairs yelling "Jesus, please rid Satan from my household" as Cory is calling out to me to get gauze pads. I run downstairs, get the stuff, hand it off, then callopse on the floor once again. I can't help but get back up to console my son as Daddy wraps his toe. Its amazing what mothers can do even when they think they have NO ENERGY.

We all went downstairs after he was calmed down and we got in a circle (no hands and I had a mask) and I prayed for our family. It felt so good to feel peace. After we said Amen, Isaac says "whats happening to our family" LOL.

As I sit here and ponder this terrible evening, I feel guilty dwelling in the bad. God has brought me through Parvo disease, bronchitis and I know he can pull me through chicken pox. I trust in the Lord that Joe's cancer has not spread and we will be a God story once again.

Will you pray with me?

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  1. Our Lord in Heaven, I lift the bagbee family and Gabbee's mom and step dad Joe up to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord please protect their minds and bodies from anything and everything that is not of you God.I also pray that they will continue to have the peace that you have given us through your love. We love you Lord and we Glorify you in the m=name of Jesus Christ,AMEN.