Monday, January 24, 2011


I don't even know where to start first. Man, what a great little retreat we had. It was exactly what I wanted. I got my birthday wish with a cabin, fireplace, snow and quality time and Isaac received his wish with snow, skiing, sledding and hot cocoa. LOL.

We drove up Saturday night. We took the "back" way which was SO WORTH IT. Even though it was dark we knew how beautiful it was going to be when we drove back in the daylight. And it was. We could see snow on the ground and tons of tall trees in the distance. When we arrived at the lodge, there was snow everywhere. Jackpot. LOL. We were tired from the drive and a long day in general so we checked in, had some hot cocoa, played a quick game of Rats then off to bed we went.

Sunday morning bright and early we were up. I made pancakes and sausage, nice cup of hot coffee then we geared up for the day. We were out of the cabin by 8:30 to rent our skii's. I dont know if anyone reading this has done cross country skiing before but OMG that is hard work. Through our trail we all had our falls. Bella cried because she was freezing, I was just slowly chugging along, paranoid I was going to fall and Isaac was off like he was at the races. That boy is born to live in the snow. I was determined to be the only one that didn't fall so I can say that the girl on chemo didn't fall. That didn't happen. I didn't fall hard or anything (at this time) but Im going to have to count it as a fall. :/

After a wonderful visit through the trails, we head back to the cabin for lunch and hot cocoa to warm up. Onto sledding which was probably my favorite time of the day. Mostly because we were in the middle of nowhere in the forest in a place that wasn't for sledding, but we loved the hill, and it was just the 4 of us, laughing, falling, throwing snowballs, running up and down the hill and watching Cory rip his jeans was pretty fun too. I took a video of us as Cory was belly down on the sled, and the 3 of us sat on his back. It was great fun. Good laughs.

After that, we went and got our ski's back on and finished out our rental. Since we skii'd 2 hours on the beginner level, we felt we were experienced enough to go on the intermediate trail. Well...lets just say that we didn't even make it to the beginning of the trail. We all fell and at one point I almost was in tears. Isaac skii'd down a hill and I followed not really sure why I didn't wait for him to get out of the way, and I ran into him (after he himself fell) and I fell into him, my knee landing on his ski boot. Cory came over and helped me out, but man that was rough. As I got myself together (still laying on the floor) I look over and Cory biff's it. Gets up...biff's it again, finally just laying on his back and I said "lets go back to the beginner trail" "Good idea he said" LOL

So we did. The sun was starting to set and the landscape was AMAZING! It was so beautiful. Isaac went off on his own, Bella did great with only 4 falls (as she puts it) Cory did great and me? Well lets just say I was EXHAUSTED. I was hurting from my run into Isaac and then I fell two more times on the beginner trail. Well, the last fall, I fell backwards, and landed on my elbows causing some pain to my chest. I put my head into the snow and all emotions came out. LOL I cried and ripped off the ski's and said IM DONE!!! I walked back as the family skii'd. I was so tired, I just became like a toddler when they need a nap. LOL A bit of frustration as I can't keep up as I normally can BUT I did feel like Lance Armstrong for awhile. LOL

We finished up, went back to the cabin and had dinner, apple pie, hot cocoa, played APPLES TO APPLES and Cory and I were in bed by 7:30. I gave up and let the kids watch TV and they fell asleep at 9:00. LOL. During game time, I was so over tired that I got the giggles. Cory referred to me as a happy drunk. LOL. I laughed at everything which made the kids laugh then Cory. It was all around perfect! I LOVED IT!

Earlier on in my blog, I said that I didn't understand the purpose of my CHEMO cancellation. Today I did. God gave my body an extra week. My counts were normal, I had an extra week of energy that I dont normally have, and an extra week of family time that I don't normally have. 3 weeks go by fast, and when you are down for a week, low for two weeks, you are limited. Thank you God for this amazing blessing, for my family, for the snow, for memories and most of all for ENERGY to do it all!

Video of us sledding.

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