Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flagstaff or Bust!

So this past week was emotional but the blessings have been great. Because of my CHEMO cancellation, I got to go to my Jr. High Girl's first Volleyball game on Thursday. They did so great. I was so proud of them. It made me realize two things. #1 I love ministry and building relationships with the girls and #2 I love Volleyball and I AM SO GOING TO ELEV8 with a Volleyball team in the summer. I was debating on it because I don't know how I feel, but I don't care. LOL. Im going. It was so much fun to be back in Anthem, seeing the faces of teachers that I was admiring on a daily basis and shouting GO ANTHEM EAGLES! It was great for me! After the game we went to our school's McDonalds Night which was fun, chaotic, and full of energy. After those two events, my body slowly came to a stop, crashed on the couch and nighty night. Whew...I do NOT have my OLD stamina for sure!

Here is a picture of two of the 8 players. Elisa and Kylee.
Kylee, Amy, Me & Elisa

Below is a picture of some more girls after the game. Annily & Madison

Top Left: Kylee, Elisa
Bottom Left: Madison & Annily

Today I get to participate in the celebration of my best friends parents Judy and Clarence's 50th Wedding Anniversay! What a treat! I can't wait to see the video of 50 years play through. It definitly inspires me to have many more years in my marriage. LOL

After that celebration we are OFF TO FLAGSTAFF for the weekend! Im SO EXCITED. We have our snow gear, sleds, cooler packed and I packed WAY TOO MANY HATS. LOL. My head is cold in my house, can you imagine in the snow? Ahhh.

This little getaway is in honor of Isaac's 10th Birthday that is on Jan 29th and My 32nd Birthday which is Feb 1st. I didn't want to put time, money and energy into two birthday parties (Yes, I ALWAYS have a party) since what I really want is quality time for our family. Its been a rough 6 months and the thought of getting away in a cabin with snow surrounding us, and the fireplace crackling, makes my heart jump for joy. Through this journey I have realized that quality time with my family is so much more important than "stuff". My kids might not understand that now, but they will down the road. These memories will mean more to them, then some crazy chaotic party at a place that charges too much to go on rides that go round and round. LOL

So expect lots of pictures when we get back. Im praying that I don't fall off the sled onto my expanders. LOL. That would be bad. :) But since my chemo extended a week, my counts are up, Im as normal as I can be and I feel good. Snowball fights HERE WE COME!!!!

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