Friday, October 8, 2010

Emergency Surgery

Hello All, Lisette here again and going to update you.
Well Wednesday after Gabbee’s fill at Dr. Admire’s Office it usually set’s her back a few days so she came home to rest.  Only thing she did do is rest and have dinner with her family.  I don’t know the details of what happened during the evening but I received a phone call at 6:30am from my sister crying saying “she had a rough night and is in a lot of pain, she feels like a rib popped out in her back.  I was suppose to take her to her PCP but needed to be back home by 1pm so she was nervous the doctor may send her to a chiropractor or something and she didn’t want me to be stuck.  So I arranged for Debbie Jones to take her to her PCP at 10:00 am in Scottsdale. 
So I will tell you my side of story then add Gabbee’s in so you can follow along.  I was at home reading my book when my phone rang and it was Gabbee around 11:30 and this is all she said to me “ My breast exploded and they are taking me to piper surgery center to do emergency surgery, please take care of my kids, Cory is on his way to piper, someone will call you with more details. Bye!”  Okay everyone so my mouth drops and my head starts spinning, what do I do 1st, who do I call and I am pacing back and forth.  Finally I get it together and contacted Hope to take care of the kids contacted my Mom who is in NY for a wedding, my Dad, my brother and Amy.  Then I jumped in the shower and planned to head to  Scottsdale but before I could do that I looked in the mirror and thought, Wow, what the heck is going on and then I prayed and asked God to please protect my sister  and then of course I cried like a big baby!
Debbie contacted me from the surgery center and said “Oh my gosh Lisette you can’t believe what I witnessed.  We were sitting at the PCP office and Gabbee turns to me and says Debbie I don’t feel right, Gabbee say’s my right breast looks like it is growing.  Debbie said no Gabbee and then before Debbie’s eyes Gabbee’s right breast started to expanded instantly.  Debbie said “Lisette if I did not see it with my own eyes I would not have believed it.”  Her breast blew up to a size D for sure, she showed me a picture. 

So during my ride to Scottsdale I being kept informed by Cory letting me know she went into surgery at 1pm and at 2:30 pm she was still in there.  I was nervous because I thought why she is in surgery so long what is happening.  So I arrive at the center and my brother is already there waiting to talk to a nurse.  The nurse comes out and say’s Gabbee is doing well and should be ready in about 15min to go home.  Me and my brother are like WHAT! She is still in surgery, isn’t she?  The nurse say’s she was out of surgery at 1:45 pm, didn’t Dr. Admire come and talk to you?  Umm, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes that is me having attitude with the nurse, sorry guys but I am pissed!  So the nurse say’s let me find out more info.  So she comes back and proceeds to tell us that Dr. Admire could not find her husband (who was sitting on the patio – bc the waiting room was full, which is visible thru the glass windows) he came out to check a few times and tried calling but had wrong #.  Dr. Admire has left.  Okay my response “Oh no this is not going to fly”, my brother’s response “WHAT, I want to talk to the Hospital Administrator”!  LOL  
Okay so after all that Dr. Admire calls Cory and say’s “torn muscles and tissue caused by either Gabbee overdoing it or her being overfilled yesterday”.   Hmm lemme think, you donut hole it was because she was overfilled and yesterday you gave her clearance that she had no restrictions and could drive, do yoga and could have been doing this for some time now.  Urgh! So basically she bled into her chest cavity, 120cc of blood in the right breast (which is why it blew up).  So Dr. Admire went in cleaned it all out again and replaced the expander, stitched her back up, wrapped her up and sent her home. 
 Gabbee has come so far in the last few weeks and now she is right back where she was after her mastectomy but worse.  She is in extreme pain, having a hard time breathing and moving.  This is worse!  This also puts back her chemo 4 weeks but we will find that out for sure next week.  Gabbee has told me she is not getting any more fills done; she does not want to have to ever go through this again!
I ask for everyone to pray her recovery is a quick one so we can start the next chapter of her journey!   
Tomorrow is Del Web “Goes Pink” Breast Cancer Walk and Gabbee is super sad she won’t be able to be there but would like to send out “Thank You’s” to all who will be walking on Team Gabbee.  She is going to do her best to maybe come out for an hour or so, we will see.  I will be manning her “TEAM GABBEE FUNDRAISER” Table we will have buttons, bracelets, t-shirts for sale.  3 baskets to raffle off and 1 Golf Package to raffle off.   This fundraiser is helping Gabbee and her family with medical bills, loss of income and so much more!   Your continued support is always appreciated and will continue to be! 

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  1. oh wow what a day i hope you feel better gabmom will be at the breast cancer walk with the jewlery table but im not sure who she is donating for oh ya one more thing TEAM GABBBEE!!!lol