Friday, October 22, 2010


The first part of my day STUNK!! To sum it up…I went through ¾ of the PET scan for the tech to come tell me that the machine just shut down and she doesn’t know why. After trying to fix it for 15 minutes they said “I’m sorry I have bad news, we are going to have to reschedule.” Now let me just remind you that I had radioactive dye injected. I don’t like to get injected with stuff for no reason. I had to sit for an hour and do nothing. I was in a recliner in the dark with a blanket and pillow. However…I did have an hour of prayer time. Whew, I had a lot to say. But to sit in a machine and have it scan to my belly and knowing Im almost done with my last test and then get told “machine broke” O………M………….G………..! I WAS SO ANNOYED! Hope took me in town today and she did some errands during my test. When she picked me up I yelled out the window “UGH” & laughed because OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. IM GABBEE BAGBY. WHY NOT? LOL

Whatever...we had lunch and Hope prayed at lunch asking God to put this frustration behind me. It worked….a lot however...I guess I’m still complaining about it. LOL

Okay…I’m moving on and working on the good news. Today I went to deposit some money in the bank and I just asked the teller “can you give me my balance in my savings account?” So he did and I had more money in there than I thought. I said “Was there a recent deposit?” He said “Well there was a cash deposit done today for $116.85. I said “yay” so who ever deposited that….THANK YOU!!! You turned my frown upside down and made my crappy day so much better!!!

Then I went to Safeway to get smores for our family night tonight, and ended up sitting at the school 10 minutes early to pick up the kids. So what do you do when you are bored in your car? Check Facebook of course! So I had a message from one of the teachers at Anthem “Go Mrs. Gooden” and she said “Give me your bank account info…we raised $300 for you”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! Talk about a great ending to my day!!!

You guys…its not so much the money that I am happy about. Of course it takes off the weight on my shoulders, but it’s the support. The love that I feel from those acts of service from others gets me FIRED UP TO FIGHT. It truly means so much to me that people think of me when they are donating. How did that donation come about? Well this week was pink week at Anthem and if the teachers/staff wanted to wear jeans, they had to donate $2 per day that they wore jeans. HaHa…that was from the student council! They are awesome!!!!! I have worked alongside them many times while I was in the PTA …and I am so thankful that my life was part of their work at school!

I have been with Anthem for 5 years now, when we were at the temporary school. I was able to walk the halls of the building before it was done, I served on the PTA, I worked there and I always said Anthem was my family. I have seen some bad but have some awesome things come out of that school. I have seen teachers come and go, lots of teachers having babies, getting married and it’s just family. “We fly with pride, we soar above the rest, because we always do our best” Thank you Thank You to my Anthem Family for your donation and support. This is part of my everyday battle and this is what reminds me that I am fighting for a reason!


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  1. I feel like a shit weeping over some crap that in the scheme of things is unimportant after reading your blog. So sorry your young through this. Glad you had a nice surprise in the end.