Saturday, October 30, 2010

Treatment 1

Wednesday was my first treatment of Big Red. Below are some pictures of some moments throughout the day. Looking back at this actually  makes me nauseous. LOL

Cory and I before I head in for my treatment.

Getting prepped with Zofran and Steroids (which made me loopy)

Getting Cozy

Big Red has made his introduction.

Me watching Big Red make his way through my IV

And its getting closer...

Here he is. The reason Im laughing is because Cory made me laugh. Not because I was happy LOL

My awesome Nurses Monica and Gerry!

How did I feel Wednesday night? of now..Wednesday was by far my worst night. I SO WANTED TO HURL...but didn't. It just took some time for the meds to help me out but I was very nauseous and couldn't eat. No matter what I tried...everything made me sick. I took a phenegran at night and I slept all night..waking up like a truck ran me over. My chest hurt (expanders) not sure why. Maybe because of how hard I slept and I could have rolled on my side? Not sure but since the first treatment I have had more muscle spasms around my expanders. Steroids? Who knows? Bottom line....Wednesday night sucked.

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