Monday, October 25, 2010

My Very Own Chemo Bag

Who would have thought that getting a "chemo bag" would put tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. Im feeling equipped today and I am SO THANKFUL to my very new and dear friend Kiki.

I've talked about her lots through this journey and today I got an awesome gift in the mail by her. My very own "chemo bag." Kiki received this gift a week before her chemo from her friend that was going through the same thing and now Kiki was able to pass it on to me.

The bag is made from Vera Bradley

And I got a purple bag!!!

Then It was filled with all of the goodies needed to make my chemo time a bit more easy. As you can see below she filled it up knowing what I will need.

Im BEYOND BLESSED to Have Kiki in my life to help me through this and the fact that I can have a real life person to talk to that is just finishing up her treatment and everything is fresh in her mind. Any questions I have..she is just a text/email/phone call away. She is going to try and come to one of my treatments with me. I can't wait and THIS TIME...we will get a picture!!!

Thank you Kiki for putting a smile on my face, when my body trembles at the thought of Wednesday.

 Love you tons!!!

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