Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Port Update

I haven’t blogged in forever. Well maybe just a few days. Just feels like Forever.

I had my port placed in yesterday. It went well. I had some great nurses. Breast Cancer survivors actually which is always a blessing. I was able to talk to the doctor because my expander seems high and it was in the spot where he would normally put the port so he had to go higher near the collar bone. I was sedated but could remember him pushing hard down on my body. Trying to get that port deep in my tissue so it isn’t too noticeable. I guess this is the part that being skinny is a bad thing. LOL.

Yesterday I was pretty sore. Today I am too. Ibuprofen is my new Best Friend. Actually we never broke our friendship since the day I was diagnosed. LOL . I’m just resting and icing the spot every 20 minutes. My sister came to wash my hair since it was a greasy mess. LOL sorry if that is TMI but with my entire head was covered in salon hair products, it was just a disaster. I can’t shower for two days yuck, so sponge bathing it is.

Last night was stressful because Cory came in to the bedroom holding his chest. I thought it was anxiety so I asked him if he was ok and he said “ummmm no” So I said “what’s wrong then” he said “ummmmm, I think I’m getting sick”. Immediately I was like “get away from me”. LOL “you’re not sleeping next to me either”. Poor guy. I hate sleeping alone, but I CAN NOT get sick. Then this morning Cory was getting the kids backpacks ready and Bella comes in my room crying because her throat hurt. I got up and started crying and yelling at who? I don’t really know, but I was so frustrated that of all seasons to start chemo, I start in FLU season! I had this sickness that they have so I’m hoping that is a good thing…but there is one Bagby left…Isaac. Please God if he is going to get sick, do it now but I rather just pray that it bypasses Isaac. But Tonight Isaac says “my ear hurts”. I lost it. I’m like that’s it! Everyone wash their hands and then I got the Clorox wipes and started wiping EVERYTHING. If I could wipe their bodies all over I would. Cory has a sinus infection, got an Rx for it and came home, took off his scrubs, washed up and put on a mask before he came to see me. LOL Good Boy Cory. LOL Can you imagine the amount of germs he deals with all day. Anthem pretty much has a swarm of this virus, imagine the doctors’ offices. YUCK!!!!!!!!! I’m becoming a germ a phobic. My doctor said not to live in a bubble but I can’t help it.

So my mom helped me wash everything under the sun that touched my family and I am just praying. We had our prayer time at night and I just prayed for a hedge of protection on our family from this virus that is going around.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the one man that I do not admire. Dr. Admire. Actually…I’m going to give him a piece of my mind. I have rehearsed it in my head several times. I’m going to be nice and not accuse him, rather just tell him that “I’m feeling like…” instead of accusing him. But I am not going to be filled before chemo; I will not have the implants until my oncologist says O.K. and I will do this at my pace, at the CC’s I want. Whew…it fills good to know that I am an advocate for my own health.

Anyway, thank you for the prayers during my port procedure. Please continue praying for continued healing and that our family is not consumed or infected with this nasty virus.

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