Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Wow what a GREAT CHRISTMAS. Im sad that its over. I love this season of caroling, baking, tons of family gatherings, AMAZING food, gifts of course and the warm cozy feeling of childhood memories BUT most of all, I LOVE the fact that we have salvation throuegth Jesus Christ which is the true meaning of Christmas. Everything else that tries to cover Him up might make us happy in the moment, but its eternal life that we need to focus on and that is why I love Christmas.

We went to church at 6:00 and had an amazing turnout. Bella and Isaac got to do a solo and they sounded beautiful. It was a true blessing to worship together with my church family as well as my immediate family. We did our usual traditional Christmas Eve at my house with tons of presents, and lots of good laughs and we can't forget the food. Yummy Italian food made by mom.

Elisa, me, Bella, Alona, Lisette

Asleep under the tree waiting for the big arrival on Christmas morning.

Christmas morning was great. Bella got to wake up to her art table, Isaac woke up to his scooter plus tons of other gifts from family and friends. After we opened gifts, we prayed and thanked God for this blessing to even have gifts. I never want my kids to overlook how "spoiled" they are. Today we just lounged around all day playing with all the fun stuff the kids got. Plus we got awesome Wii games that Cory and I are able to play. That is always a plus.

Bella waking up to her art table. She has made atleast 7 pictures today. LOL

His ultimate scooter that he has been wanting. It does fancy tricks. LOL

My #1 mom keychain from Bella

The aftermath

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Dinner

Journey JEREMIAH 29:11

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