Monday, December 20, 2010

Insurance was denied

I have such a heavy heart right now as I received an email from my caseworker of my insurance denial. We do not meet the requirements based on income to renew our health insurance. I am currently covered until January 31, 2011. We have two options.

*Cory takes a cut in hours which affects us financially. We can pull from savings but it'll be tight because he would have to cut back atleast 10 hours a week, putting him at a part-time status. Technically any change in income is to be reported even after my "approval" which can cause them to terminate our insurance again anyway.

*A $6000 spenddown would need to be shown in order for us to qualify based on not income but on medical expenses. My caseworker made a comment to me that meeting that $6000 wouldn't be hard on chemo. True, however, one of my medications is $400 (twice a month) also, my zofran (twice a month), my phenegran my valium for my expanders, my plastic surgeon and my chemo treatments would all have to be paid out of pocket. We don't have the money to pay for all this waiting on reimbursement. It simply seems impossible.

Im stressed, Im anxious, Im angry and my spirit is weakened because IM IN THE MIDDLE OF MY CHEMO TREATMENTS! Im not done. Im not even halfway done. How is this possible!!??

I ask that you please get on your knees asking for a clear decision on which option to take and I pray that I am not a day without insurance.

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