Saturday, December 4, 2010

A series of Unfortunate events

I don't have anything really exciting to blog about, except the fact that I believe my family is under attack. I believe that Satan tries to steal the joy from each of us, and as we go into the Christmas Season trying to stay focused on the true meaning of CHRISTmas and truly embracing the fact that I am alive and well and spending time with my family, we have received several unfortunate events that steal our joy and cause us to lose focus.

In just my home, every time I am on my low week, my kids are sick. This isn't our normal "health" behavior. Im tired of seeing them sick, only when Im low. Bella is still battling Fifth Disease. Even though she is not contagious anymore she is still experienceing the side effects. Itchy burning rash on her arms, low grade fevers, weak, cranky, tired and wanting to cuddle with her mom (and she can't even though I have snuck in a few hugs.) Her cough now hurts her chest so she is now on antibiotics. Another attack that I have to be in constant prayer about. Just another unfortunate event.

My sister's home. Even though her new change in the BEST change, it caused a hiccup in schedules and focus. Although a HUGE praise is coming out of this and I see God working which reminds me of how strong prayer is and how BIG our God is its just another unfortunate event.

My mom's home. Joe (My stepdad) was sick a few weeks ago, cold went away and a week later and 3 faints later, he was in the hospital for 4 days with an pnemonia. He is still feeling ill and was on two different medications. I pray for his healing everyday but this too is just another unfortuante event.

Elsie (Joe's sister) was in a car accident yesterday. A rock in the road caused damage to the car causing Elsie to go off road into a ditch. Elsie fractured her lower back and rib. She is in excruating pain and will have to endure rehabilatation for a long time to be able to walk again w/out being in so much pain. My heart is heavy for her as this is a new lifestyle change she has to endure. Just another unfortunate event.

When all these things are happening around us, during a season of celebration because of our gift of eternal life and a personal relationship its so hard to stay focused on our blessings and that is EXACTLY what Satan wants.

So, I find myself laughing with God because in the end we will conquer. He reminds me that Satan can't win. He might try and he might cause some crappy bumps in the road, but not enough to win. We might have to face these trials and they are unfortuante but Satan can't hold up in the end. This is when constant prayer is a MUST. We will not go through this dark valley with a light bright enough to get to the end without God in our everyday prayer time.

As my support system I ask that you keep all of thiese things in your daily prayer time with God.

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