Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well in honor of Big Red I decided to write my blog in red. Although I have a love/hate relationship with him, Big Red has done some great things for me. I truly believe in the medicine as I said before and I am trusting that his job is done and the cancer cells that were lingering around are no longer there.

Tomorrow is my last one. YAY! I then move onto Taxol in January for a total of 4 treatments. Even though I have barely made a dent in my chemo treatment I will celebrate tomorrow!

I got my blood work done today and I called my doctor around 5pm to get my results and they said that I am borderline again. One or two things will happen which is really my choice. I can get my blood drawn again to see if I have come up so they can give me my treatment w/out the booster. If I choose this, that means a LOOOONG day of treatment. Atleast 5-6 hours becuase I have to wait for my results.

If I choose the booster, (im blanking on the name..Nuelasta i think) it has side effects that I really dont want to deal with. She told me achy feelings. Ugh, I so don't feel like doing that.

So after Cory and I talked tonight we are leaning on getting my blood checked again. Praying that its GOOD TO GO with no booster.

Please pray with me!

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