Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sickness surrounds my house ALWAYS during my low week.

Having two children in public school pretty much gurantee's sicknesses. Normally its not a big deal however when you are on chemo and your immune system is extremly low, every sniffle or cough has you panicked.

My first low week both of my kids were sick. I was INSANE with the lysol/gloves and clorex wipes. All of our hands were chapped from washing them so much. LOL. BUT I CONQUERED two coughs & sore throats. I kept my distance and used gloves whenever I had to take their tempurature or give them medicine. I felt super powerful for bypassing that. :) (Thank you cancer society for providing large amounts of boxes of gloves)

On my 2nd treatment "low week" Bella started coughing Sunday night. She complained of a sore throat but we gave her some cough drops and cough medicine and hoped for the best. She seemed fine Monday morning and had no fever. Monday afternoon when I picked Bella up from School she had two rosey cheeks and her teacher said she wasn't feeling so well. Immediatley a red flag went up for me thinking she may have (Fifth Disease) because we thought Isaac had it when he was 3 and we were a bit familiar with it. We kept an eye on it through the evening and then when she woke up Tuesday morning...we knew. It looked like someone slapped her in the face. Mornings and evenings its super red, during the day it varies.

So, off we went to her pediatrician. He asked us some questions, checked her body for the other rash that is present during this virus (which is on her belly) and looked at me and said "call your oncologist and let her know you were exposed.


So, I called my doctor, left a message for the nurse or doctor to call me back and a few hours later she did. STAY AWAY is what I was told. Try and stay clear from her as much as you can, no wet kisses or hugs and let your hubby do the rest. HAHAHAHA...I wish it was that easy. She doesn't feel well so of course she automatically comes up to me to snuggle up and I HATE having to tell her no. Ugh..that is torture. Thank Goodness Cory is home and he jumps in and says "Bella come snuggle with Daddy".

The positive thing? Once the rash on her face is present, she is no longer contagious, which means that I think she was most contagious during my "normal" week. THANK YOU JESUS! So I am still praying that I was SUPER MOM and bypassed that disease too. My goodness!!! I just hope the next "low week" there is NOTHING to worry about.

Lots of people asked what fifth disease here is a link that will help. You can also click on google images of fifth disease to have a visual. Some pictures are pretty intense. Bella's is mild compared to what I have seen on there.

So with this blog, again we ask for prayer. For Bella for quick healing and for me for MAJOR PROTECTION.

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