Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Update

Im back. I've been so exhausted my social networking hasn't gone past my Iphone. My poor little laptop has been lonely. :) Just a few updates before I post about my weekend.

We submitted all of our insurance paperwork today so please continue to remember us in your prayers as we wait for approval. I emailed my caseworker and told her that I am in the middle of my chemo treatment to please call me with any questions regarding our renewal. I DO NOT want a denial letter in the mail w/out talking to someone. I wouldn't put that past them.

I've been EXHAUSTED. Hot flashes and lots of fatigue have been roaming my body. I've been sleeping alot. I've made myself comfortable on the couch to be in the midst of my family so I don't feel like Im isolated in my bedroom.

Yesterday I overdid it at the airport (dropping Isaac will be below) and did something to my foot. I have this sharp pain on the bottom of my foot below my big toe. Can't really walk on it w/out limping. Im assuming its because of too much walking and my uncomfortable shoes, but Cory is demanding I call the nurse tomorrow just to make sure. LOL

Nausea. This time around, something has triggered me to feel sick to my stomach everytime I think of my doctor, my nurses, the smell...ugh barf..just typing it now makes me SICK! They can't give me the med that helps with that because Im already on my valium for my muscle spasms. Grugh. So please pray that subsides. I would hate to have this feeling closer to my treatment. Normally by now, my nausea subsides, but it just lingers. :(

Okay..enough of that! Lets talk about the fun stuff. Saturday night Isaac and Bella participated in our Church's Christmas Story Musical. They each did a solo and I was super proud and so thankful I was able to be there. As they were singing, I just thanked God for the blessing of another day and another event in their lives.

Isaac singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain"

Dakota and Bella singing "Silent Night"

The Nativity

Then on Sunday, Isaac flew into Nevada ALONE for the first time to spend a week with his Grandparents & Auntie Shanna. (Cory's parents & sister). I was SO ANXIOUS about sending him, but the attendants at Southwest were great. Isaac was very excited about going. He is going to be playing with his 3 cousins and then going fishing with Grandpa and making cookies with Grandma. We had to leave at 8am to head to Phx Airport for his 11:00 flight. We had a fairly easy check in although security was obnoxious. I don't disagree with how they are, but its still obnoxious. Isaac's bag got checked even further because of his headphone wires and the cheese and crackers. Apparently that looked suspicious. Once we were through security we sat down and had an early lunch. They allowed Bella and Cory to come with me to the gate which was good. Isaac boarded first, and the ticket agent informed us of how she will hand him over and then she told us to say our Goodbyes. I held back the tears because Isaac kept asking if I was going to be ok. So I tried hard. I hugged him so tight and was over protective with my last words. He had the choice to have a window seat or an aisle and he chose the window. I told him that if he feels scared at what he is looking at, he can pull the shade down and not look at it and he proceeded to tell me that he wants to look, and I proceeded to say "ok, but if you get scared, you can pull it down" then Cory finally stopped me. LOL I hugged him again and off he went. Thats when I allowed the tears to flow. Cory put his arm around me and I kindly nudged his arm away, letting him know to leave me in my zone. LOL He got the clue. As we were sitting there staring through the glass window at the pilots and crew guys on the landing strip, I noticed the pilots turn around, shake hands and start showing some buttons. Cory said "Is Isaac in the cockpit?" And I ran to the window and said "YES" OMG..little brat, is so spoiled. LOL. That helped my tears stop flowing, cause I knew that he was SUPER EXCITED. Well, I thought he was. Later on we talked on the phone and I asked him how cool it was to be in the cockpit and he said "ya, it was ok, but the best part was when we turned around in the air" LOL. Go figure. Anyway, he landed and was just fine. Im SO PROUD of him. He is having a blast in Northern Nevada (Battle Mountain and Winnemucca) which is 3 hours North of Reno.

Heading to check in

He landed in Reno! Yay

Anyway, Im trying to get back into the groove of things as the week is here. Lots of girl time with Bella. We have some fun stuff planned. Pedicure, shopping and christmas wrapping (which she loves).

Thank you again for all your prayers, donations, sweet notes, gifts and encouraging messages. I NEED IT and am beyond GRATEFUL for it.

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