Saturday, December 25, 2010

Looking Forward

So as Christmas comes to a close and I look onto my next AND LAST Big Red treatment on Wednesday, the light at the end of this tunnel gets brighter. Im excited to have completed BIG RED on Wednesday. Then I start my next round which is Taxol. Less nausea but a new side effect of some bone pain. Im a bit anxious to start a new medicine, and to map out my "side effects" all over again. On Big Red, I know for about 4 days, Im wiped out, but Im not sure what to expect with this treatment. Im trying not to think toO much about it, and to just concentrate and appreciate that my last BIG RED treatment is over. I pray I never have to meet up with him again.

As far as my health goes. Im feeling great, with some side effects. LOL Im tired of course, and the hustle and bustle of Christmas has me WORN OUT but Im still able to do the things I want to do which is a plus!

Some side effects are a lack of taste (food tastes different than before) runny, watery eyes, and sadly my nose hairs are fading away which is causing some burning in my nose, because my nose is runny, and its not protected as it should be. Its annoying and inconvienent but nothing to whine about, although my family would say I whine. :)

Im looking forward to 2011! This year was tough for us. Im excited to bring in the New Year however I will be down from my treatment so I wont be celebrating that night, but I do have great goals for 2011. Even though I wont be done with chemo until 2012, I hope to work on some online classes for my district Pastoral license, go to summer camp with my Jr. Highers and enjoy my hair as it grows back after the Taxol.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I pray a special blessing on all of you for a WONDERFUL, HEALTHY 2011!

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