Friday, November 19, 2010

2nd Treatment Update

Well, once again I hate cancer, and I hate chemo. Im trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel but its so hard. I told my sister today that I know I will feel better in a few days and be normal (my new normal) again but right now, laying in bed and feeling so queezy is not something I can ever become fond of. I've been in bed pretty much all day. Thank God for my sister who stayed with me all day. She fed me breakfast, snacks, drinks, lunch, dinner, ran to the grocery store, picked up the kids and did all the dirty dishes that my family left behind. :) She was very happy about that. LOL!

This treatment is different from the last. Or maybe I just dont remember it. But Im more nauseous in a different kind of way and Im not as hungry as I was last time but Im still hungry. Im way more tired than last treatment. I got up to take a shower once and I sat down in my closet and then got up and crawled right into bed. I tried again about 3 hours later and finally achomplished a shower. I got dressed and started picking up around my bedroom. That lasted about 5 minutes then I plopped on the bed. That is so hard for me. To not have the energy that I crave. I know it will be back soon, but whew what a change.

About 12:00 I got up and told my sister "I can only lay in bed for so long, I have to do something" so I got up and started doing my thanksgiving centerpiece boxes. I completed 8, then decided to send a few emails and then I literally crashed at the table. I put my head down and said "I have to go lay down" and I stayed there for 3 hours. Yes, frustrating.

Smells bother me more this time around. I knew this was a side effect but I didn't feel it yet. My all time favorite candle scent "pumpkin pie" from Gold Canyon was being lit in my house and I got up and had to blow the candle out. :( That makes me sad. My husband offered me a brownie and ice cream and I motioned him to stop asking because that makes me want to barf. My mouth is so dry and I have a bad after taste everytime I eat. Gum helps alot. It puts the moisture back and gets rid of this after taste. Yuck.

So..there are all the negative things about chemo. The positive? Im 2 treatments closer to becoming cancer free.

Update on my NY Trip. I had generous offers, but after my family & friends talked to me, reality of the trip set in. Flying 5 hours, a 2 hour time difference and flying 3000 miles for a full day trip will set me back so I chose to stay home. I will be on Skype for the fundraiser Night which I am excited to do. :)

Nighty Night.

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