Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long time no Blog

Man, it has been forever. 4 whole days since I blogged. I miss you all. :)

I guess it's because I didn't really have much to blog about, or wasn't really inspired by anything in particular to blog at that moment. However that doesn't mean some pretty AMAZING God moments didn't happen.

This weekend was bittersweet. As I entered into my "low" week I was restriced on the amount of things I can do so I had to pick my events carefully. Small crowds, no children and a place where I could bypass the opportunity of physical touch. Man that is way harder than I thought. I never realized how many people I hug at events. I guess you don't realize that until  you can't hug them but the hugs are expected. HaHa.

I did make it to a few things and one event was my sisters baptisim. THAT was great! Im so proud of her for being as strong as she is, standing up for her faith and telling tons of people her battle and where she is now. Her testimony was very emotional. I was excited to hear my name mentioned as an inspiration. I knew I inspired everyone around me, but when family see's you inside and out and knows your every skeleton and sees you when nobody does you tend to wonder. But what I wasn't realizing was that my sister sees all of that crud I just mentioned but yet she also sees my faith in God and how He has gotten me through all that, and still does. We are not perfect but when we sumbit our imperfections to God on a daily basis, we show something much better than trying to show that we are perfect. His Grace, His Love, His forgiveness and most of all our relationship with Him. Im proud to have been able to show her God through my yuck and Im proud that she is where she is. That was a great God moment in our families lives. 

As far as me & my health. I've been doing good. Really good actually. I can't complain too much. The worst thing I have been feeling is headaches. I need to call the doctor and just check in with that. One "fun" thing I guess is that I noticed that my arm pit hair isn't growing back after my recent shave. LOL...Yay! That's a benefit. LOL. Yes..I just called a side effect from chemo a benefit. Weird I know.

My energy level has been good. I can't run a marathon yet, but I can still function as a mom and wife. We have had great family times the past week or so. Im getting up in the morning and getting the kids off to school, working during the day, keeping the house somewhat clean and picking the kids up from school. That's not too bad right?

Yesterday I had a surprise from my hubby. Well..I do have to point out his fault first. LOL..Its not a bad fault, however it will just show you how cancer & life really does effect your brain. Cory woke up at 6am, got dressed in his scrubs ready to tackle on his day at work with tons of sick people I might add and drove into work. I had coffee with Carla in the morning enjoying the brisk Arizona morning (until about 10 when I started sweating) and I checked my phone and I had a message from my husband. "Want to meet for lunch?". Well if you don't know, Cory works 60 miles away from home. So meeting for lunch isn't really a reality unless he is coming home to stay home. Well, that was it. Cory went to work, when he wasn't scheduled to work. Ahhhh my husband. (this isn't the first time this happened since my diagnosis) So he drove into work realizing that it was his day off. 120 miles later. Grugh, HOWEVER...he decided not to waste the morning in "town" so he went shopping for me. :) Yay Cory. He got me the new Matthew West CD which is amazing. He also got me a bracelet. A friendship one. As seen on my FB post, I giggled and asked him why a friendship bracelet and he said "because your my best friend aren't you"? Awww..how can you giggle after that? He also got me a devotional. And the best part is...that he was excited because it was on sale for $5. LOL Yes I trained my man right. :)

So we went to lunch, went to the bank, grocery store, dentist for Isaac, back to the bank and picked up Bella and home we stayed. During our errands he said "this is a good day, I love running errands with you". Im not sure what love juice he took yesterday morning, but I like it. HaHa. Oh and the reason we went to the bank twice (just incase your wondering) is because the kids have savings accounts and they had $15 each to deposit. So we put it in there for them. Isaac has $18 in his account. Bella has $40. LOL. He's a spender, she is not. She has been saving all of her chore money and gift money for ahwile now. She doesn't want to spend it. Isaac however has no money because he spends it as soon as he gets it. (the only reason he had $18 is because Wells Fargo did a promotional event and gave the kids $10 coupons at school for new or existing savings accounts) LOL...When he asked how much he had in his account before yesterday's deposit and I told him $2.60 he said "ok so I have a $10 coupon plus the $1 you gave me so I have $13.60. LOL Thats my son. Counting every penny with it. He takes after his mom unfortunatley. :(

Last night we went for a family walk. We walked far. LOL. I CRASHED when I got home. Literally. That was way overkill for me. I could barely move. I need to pace myself better. But we did walk to the park and I did run after Isaac for a short short time. Lesson learned. Pace myself. :) It was worth it though.

So....that is it. That's my exciting update for the weekend. My next treatment is November 17th. Im anticipating the effect the 2nd time around as my body isn't as strong as when I went in the first time. So...keep on praying for me because right now, I can't thank anyone other than God for my "easy breezy beautiful chemo girl" reaction. :)

Oh I also wanted to show you all my new wig that my stepmom Sandy bought for me. I am so excited and actually excited to wear it. These are the things that make losing your hair easier. I have 3 amazing wigs now. All different styles. I have a classy one that is super flowy. Shout out Tiffany! I have an everyday one attached to a baseball cap that is super cute. Shout out Mommy!  And now I have a Gabbee wig with purple peek a boo bangs. Hello! They were totally thinking of me when they made this wig! :) Thanks Sandy for the new addition. When I get it (its in mail) I will take pictures of all 3 so you all can see. :)

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  1. Wow that is some wig!Gabbee you would love that wig and it would look GREAT on you!