Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings

What a great blessing yesterday was. My energy level kept coming in and out, but we had Thanksgiving at my house so I had the choice to just rest when needed. and after dinner I took a short nap. I wasn't in charge of much, other than Cory's Birthday Cupcakes and My families famous sweet potatoe pie. We usually have holiday's at my mom's house and since we don't always have the room to fit all of our family at one table, we have to do buffet style and just sit in scattered groups. Its normally not a big deal, but this Thanksgiving was special for me. When we decided that all Holidays would be at my house this year because of my chemo, I really wanted to utulize my house space and have a sit down dinner. So, I have been planning my table setting for a while. Fine China, food served in pretty bowls as opposed to foil tins, and my favorite? My personalized center pieces filled with candy/sweets and a note to tell each person why I am thankful for them. Once we sat down, I couldn't hold back the tears as we raised our glasses and I said a blessing on the food and our time. I caught cancer early enough so that I would be here with my family. Yes, some things are different, no hair, process of reconstructive surgery and all the side effects that come with both. Im just so thankful that we had a great day and I plan to have a GREAT Christmas. Following are pics of our day. :) Enjoy

Bella making Pumpkin Cake. First time making it and it was SO YUMMY!

Me, My Mom & Sister.

Happy Birthday Cory!

Cory cutting the turkey. He was well trained by his Dad.

Yummy food!

Elisa, Alona and Elsie

My hubby and Me. I love him so.

My mom and stepdad Joe.

 Yay for my table setting.
 I was super excited about our sparkling cider and red grape cider. LOL. We all got wine glasses. The kids totally dug that!!
Once again cuz Im obsessed.

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