Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How does one prepare themselves?

Here I am again. Time for my next chemo treatment tomorrow. I had to go get my blood drawn so they can see if Im "good" to get my chemo again. I got to speak with my chemo nurse and she asked me how I did these past 3 weeks. I said "actually, I did pretty good, can you make it happen that way again?" LOL She laughed and said she would try.

I was running around all day trying to get things done before the treatment and I wondered. How do you prepare to be sick again. When we get sick, we really don't know and just go with the flow, but I know that I will be feeling icky again. It so weird to try and prepare your mind mentally for it.

Im really praying for an "easy breezy beautiful chemo girl" reaction once again. I have some events that I want to be at this weekend, and Im praying that it doesn't bring me down too much and I can participate in them. LOL..I know what you are thinking but I can't help it.

My appointment is at 10:40 tomorrow. One of my besties Rachelle is coming to visit me during chemo. Cory is going to run errands during that time and Rachelle and I will just get to chat away.

Please join me in praying for me and my reaction to the second round. Pray for strentgh, no anxiety, mild symptoms and NO NAUSEA.

Thank you so much!!!

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