Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How you Can Help

Im blessed to still have people asking how they can help us. So I wanted to send out a reminder of the meal calendar and donation link.

We have changed the dates for meals only for the weekend after my chemo treatments. That is a HUGE help for us because I am "down" for about 4 days after my treatment and it would be a huge stress reliever on Cory for one less thing to worry about. If u you have any questions in regards to the meals, you can contact Rachelle (My meal coordinator) at theedfam5@yahoo.com

On the right side of my blog you will see the "Meal Planning" link. Highlight it and paste it in the search engine. It will bring you to the site to sign up for a date!

Also we have been blessed by private donations and donations received from my Team Gabbee shirts/Raffle baskets & different types of fundraisers. All proceeds go into a savings account for us for medical expenses and loss of income. I want you to know that we have NEVER been short in our income because of the donations. GOD IS SO GOOD. Everytime there is a need in our bank account, its filled. That is God using all of you and we thank you so much. I have a link to our savings account on the right side of my blog as well or you can donate through paypal. If you are interested in a Team Gabbee shirt, please email me at bagbyfamily@hotmail.com

Thank you so much in advance for your willingness and servant hearts.

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