Thursday, November 11, 2010

First day being bald

So today was not really any different than the day before however Im freezing all the time. My head is so cold I can't keep it warm enough. Im currently wearing a beanie, a scarf, a sweater, long sleeve shirt, pants, socks and slippers. Im COLD. I have had a hat on all day, but my head is itchy and I want it to be free. LOL. I go back and forth with a hat on or off but when its off its cold so back on goes the hat. I actually feel most comfortable with it off. More so than I thought. Its amazing what make-up and earrings can do for a girl. :)

I took some pics this morning. I had fun with it. Trying on different hats and wigs. I posted them for those that read my blog but are not on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone that donated wigs and hats. Its a whole new wardrobe that I needed!

Embracing the BALDNESS.

Casual Soccer Mom look courtesy of my Mommy

Comfy/Cozy knit hat especially made by my friend Megan.

Evening wear/sassy/sexy HaHa...Courtesy of Tiffany

Im ready to go skiing. :)

My grocery store/lounging around the house hat.

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  1. Logan and I think you look pretty! Kick Cancers butt Gabbee! Tiffany